Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sam

Tonight was one of those moments in life that you know you will never forget.

Sam is going to turn 10 in a few months. He's a sweet boy and really has been sooo easy to raise thus far. I've made alot of mistakes as a, wrong wording, I've sinned ALOT as a mommy and wife but we have really tried to teach Sam and Jo God's way and His truth.

I guess I just thought if we did that it would be much like a "formula". So many of us fall into that trap. This, plus this..equals= what we want, right?


Up until tonight, despite the love of God that Sam has seen through us and scripture, he has had no desire to become a believer. He was very clear that he knew what would happen to him if he chose to live for himself and he didn't care. Some parents have to worry about "talking" their child into faith but this was not a problem for us-Sam would not have it! The older he got the more I began to panic. What if he doesn't? What if I have the next rebellious child? What if he sadly decides to make alot of ugly choices before he sees his own sin?

I have begged God to open Sam's eyes. I've offered up my own life if it would draw Sam to the Lord. I prayed for God's grace not to bring the result of my own sin on Sam's generation but to bless my turning and my steps of obedience.

So, tonight my sweet baby boy (not so much baby anymore but you know..) came to me after school and said that God spoke to him through a conversation with Matt and the story of Nicodemus and he was ready to "put his pride aside" and become a believer.

I questioned him and offered to have him wait but he would not have it! NO WAY...I need to do this right now!

I have never heard a more precious prayer in my life. Sam began to pray and shake all over and tears were in his eyes as he called out to God to forgive his sins and save him. He thanked God for speaking to him and told him he wanted to live God's way. It was beautiful. We were all surrounding him as he knelt to pray and I felt extremely blessed to be apart of the moments when Sam was reborn into a new life.

As much as I longed for him to do this years ago, I will say there is nothing like the prayers of an older child that you know has some maturity. I have no doubt that what happened tonight was real. I have even seen him respond like a new boy since it happened.

He called everyone he knew, basically. I think he would have told the story all night if I would have let him stay up. He is very anxious to get baptized next and will after a few meetings with our children's pastor. Our church lets you decided who will baptize you so Sam has picked Matt to do it.

So cool...

Josiah began the conversation tonight with a desire to become a Christian also. There's more for him to learn but he's very close and very tender to the topic.

If you are a believer-Praise the Lord with me tonight! He has drawn my son into the light!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008



I have no idea how teachers do this every January.

My alarm went off today after two weeks off and jolted me towards the downward spiral known as Second Semester.

It's utterly dreadful.

It didn't help that I had the quietest Christmas known to man and spent 12 of the 14 days on my couch under an electric blanket. Usually the "after holiday" thing is a bummer but at least I was a stay-at-home mom and could nurse my wounds with a new episode of Dr. Phil or something!


I have to admit, I barely have any pics of Christmas to show because I sort of just lived in the moments and didn't remind myself to document them. No pictures?...hmm..maybe I was depressed?

Some favorites:

Favorite Event: A toss up! I loved our work Christmas party and I played a great game with my mom-in-law and the crew and she and I totally kicked butt! (okay..we cheated a smidge but it may have been worth it!)

Favorite Gift: I got a new pillow. H..e..a..v..e..n

Beloved Tradition: The "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake. Honoring and yummy!

Sweetest Moment: All of my boys got me a "Day of Relaxation". It was so funny to see each of them produce a part of it that made them think of me. They are really paying attention!

My Matt Book: This year Matt gave me The Collective Works of Edgar Allen Poe. So cool. We exchange a book every year with a message in the front and the holiday year. Kind of makes you wonder how he correlated me and Edgar Allen Poe, huh?! :) I got him "The Princess Bride".

My New Years was spent enjoying a Harry Potter marathon (that's right...they broke me down!) and I woke up right before midnight. I whispered a "Happy New Year" to all of you that I love and miss from home. Did you hear it?

This is going to be a challenging year. I have some major life decisions to sort out. You know...the ones you put off until you JUST have to get on with it? Nothing too dreaded just change. I don't do that well but what can you say?


Where are the flying cars?