Monday, February 23, 2009

A Birthday Tribute

I'm posting this for my BFF, Steph.

I never make it a secret when my birthday is approaching. As mentioned on Stephanie's blog, I spent our high school years putting post-it notes on everyones locker as a countdown to my big day. unbelievable as it may seem...this Friday I will turn 35.


When did that happen?

I'm doing a little something different with my day. I've decided to reverse things and focus on remembering those people that have been influential in my life for the last five years and celebrate who "they" are and what they have meant to me.

The invitations have been sent and I'm looking forward to a great day of lunching and laughing and expressions of spoken thankfulness for so many amazing women that I will sadly have to leave in a couple of months.

Well...I didn't want to leave everyone else out that are patiently waiting for me to come! So, while I have tons I could say about my very best girlfriend, I will take just a sec and leave her this youtube video. I watched it at school and it cracked me up and reminded me so much of all the hours and hours of long,difficult, "hashing out" conversations that I have had with Steph. Literally, you've been the key to my sanity through so many stages of life.

On my 35 year of life, I'm thankful for my Steph. What we have is rare and a treasure. I love you, girl!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is my sweet Josiah's 7th birthday.

There is so much I could say about my beloved JoJo because he has brought an endless amount of happiness and joy to my life. He's been a breeze to raise (so far!) and everyone he's around can't help but love him. I watch him in his class at school and much to my amazement (because of the parents he got)...he's that "popular kid" I was always jealous of! He has a unique influence and he's so gifted in anything artistic.

This year I'm posting the Keith Green song that caused us to name our youngest son "Josiah". I was pushing for "Wesley" since Matt and I loved the movie Princess Bride but Matt won the toss-up and mostly in part to this song.

This is our song for Josiah. So much of it rings true with our world today and as with all Mamas...It will always be a struggle to let him go.

We love you, JoJo!

"Song for Josiah"

Oh my son, you were born in a world that hates you,

And I swear I will never forsake you.

But there was a father centuries ago,

Who watched his beloved son die. Oh, die.

Oh my son, I am weak and I'm trembling,

For the Lord I am always remembering.

Oh what a strong shepherd holds you in His arms.

He'll break you and make you His own.

And then take you home.

Well if I could I would protect you from what you will see.

This world will promise love and beauty, but it lied to me.

And I will show you, if you will listen.

And I will promise, to listen too.

Oh yes, there are some who love the lies, they will kill you if they can.

Though you speak the truth in love, they will hate you like the man,

Jesus, although he was God, he allowed himself broken for you.

Well if I could I would protect you from what you will see.

The world might seem so alive, but it's dead to me.

And I will teach you, if you will hear me.

And I will promise, to hear you too. Yes I do.

Oh my son, I am only your brother.

For a sister, God gave me your mother.

But just like a mother, so long ago, had to watch her beloved son die,

Oh son, we will try, to let you go.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


My house is up for sale. We've resigned from our jobs and packed a few boxes and told the sweet children that we work with the news....

We're goin' home.

So many people have asked us what has caused this decision and the answer isn't as easy to put our finger on as you might think. Coming to the South was exactly the right thing for us to do 5 years ago. It was a hard but good choice and I suppose I always thought that I would have to stay here. I've wanted to be home since the day I left but God has never opened that door for us. I had accepted it and then door. I guess that's how it happens sometimes.

It isn't going to be easy to leave- this I know for sure. I have many friends that I love here and a church that very much has been a wonderful source of encouragement to us. But, I know from leaving the North that God places special people in your life for a season and thanks to technology, you can always keep in easy touch.

I could say so much about the step of faith that is required of us to make this move. We will most likely be looking for jobs "after" we get there. Eek. We have to sell our house before June. Double Eek. It is not my style to make major life changes without getting my "ducks in a row" but God is just not letting me control this and I'm learning slowly to take my hands off the situation and trust. He is stripping away at my defenses and back-up plans until I have nothing left but to understand that this is His life to govern over and His plan to work out in my family.

I'm sure I'll talk more about this as the days and months pass by. Meanwhile, I wait in anticipation for God to do miraculous things in a time that can seem very hopeless and scary in our economy and country. I know that the end result will probably look nothing like what I imagine but I do pray that some of it is....

(Quick sale, great job, sister trips, coffee with dad on Saturdays, groceries with Mom and GG, learning to knit AGAIN with Mother Teresa, double dates with Steph...and maybe our husbands!, and a big, beautiful garden.)

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