Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dance

(I'm trying to blog this post as quiet as possible as not to send my best friend, Steph, into a shock of realization as to what she's committed to!!!)....

But then I do the "She's FINALLY coming to see Me" dance!

We booked the airline tickets this morning and in two short weeks she's coming for a few days!


My friends here are scurrying around tyring to get the dates on their calendars in preparation for what seems like practically the Queen herself coming to town.

I feel dizzy...I think I might be in shock myself...Must lie down....

Friday, July 27, 2007


Tonight we headed for the pool...

My friend Anne is a member of a great pool that apparently stays open just for her family! Every time I've gone there has been only our family there-it's a kid's dream!

So, the bunch of us along with Di got together for pizza and to let the kids swim some energy off. We've decided that this is our new Friday night routine.

Afterwards, Anne, Di and I dropped off our families to go to sleep and ran across town to the movies. Di wanted to see a scary movie and as many know...that's my favorite genre! I'm still puzzled how Diane can partake of a good horror flick and then head home alone but she's apparently my most brave friend.

We saw the movie"1408". I don't know if I would recommend had "startle" factor but in my opinion, wasted time on goofy stuff instead of the parts that could really shake you up.

Regardless, I would have paid money just to sit between Anne and Di! They were cracking me up! Many...MANY times there were outburst of screaming.

Very amusing...very.

So, we've got plans to watch "The Ring" next Friday after pool time but I'm offering my guest bedroom to Di after that. I've seen "The Ring" and it pretty much ended with me in the fetal position, wishing for a brain shower to clean my head out!

Fun Times.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dedication by Desert

Ecc. 4:10 says:

"If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!"

It's late and I was driving home from an evening out with some of my close friends here tonight.

I'll be honest...they forced me to go. They've been doing it all week.

I'll also admit that I came back from my trip home pretty worn out and beaten down. The underneath of my bed comforter was looking very 5:30pm...

You get it into your head that it is okay to pity yourself. To start to think that your own pain is unique or greater than someone else's. And then, God gives you a verse like above and you realize that the one who needs pity is the man who has no one to help him up when he's down...and not just with an evening out or a good laugh, but with a sincere word from God and an encouragement to keep on in the faith.

I've wanted to become that kind of friend to people around me. It's been a "mission" of sorts these past few years and lately I've been thinking it was just too hard. Tonight I was reminded (along with many times this week from many people) what it feels like to have someone sacrificially be that to me. It seems to often be a "divine appointment". Just the moment of need...just the right thing to be said.

Maybe I'll never be completely okay being so far away from what I've known and suffering the feeling of loss of friendships that are in the past but of this I am sure...

God has given me many true friends for this time in my life that want to pick me up. I know this because my voicemail is full of high-pressured messages to get my butt out of the house and come for fun (and help)!

So, tonight it was that dedication over desert with my Southern girlfriends. They forced me to share and listened with hearts that want to help. I laughed and laughed and it was great to have daunting thoughts be pushed aside with new memories.

I guess it's kind of good that no one reads my blog anymore because I don't have to feel silly about these rambling posts...

Thank you..Thank you...Thank you, God-for sending your messengers of love and peace when we don't deserve it. My sisters who long to glorify you are your hands and feet and they are swift to yank me back to the land of the living!

("Shout Out" to my husband who also hangs in there for me with the greatest loyalty...but sometimes you just need a girl and a BIG brownie!)

Sisters and San Antonio

I mentioned a while back that I was taking three weeks to travel around the country practically to see various family members.

It was an interesting trip in that it was nothing like I planned it to be. The good times were really good not because of "picnics and noodle salad" but because it was quality time to share and learn about each other.

C' was a family vacation. Those are always a little hard, right?

Regardless, I took a week of that to go to San Antonio to see my sister Julie with my sister Jeannie and her family. It was really nice and left me desperately wishing that I had the chance to live near a sister. Sisters are great. They don't have to like you to be stuck with you for your life! You won't get that with many me. are some pics that highlight that trip. I could totally live in Texas (and have before) and I claim to have more Texas pride than Julie does! Geesh! She won't even put a star on her house!

Thanks Julie and Jeff for housing us and showing me the sights and to Jean and Ed...thanks for getting me there! Love and miss you guys!

Julie, Charity and Jeannie

My brilliant nephew Donovan

Julie took us to a four star resort for the night. This is the beautiful view from outside of our hotel window.

Okay...I had never stayed in a nice enough hotel for there to be a mini-bar...ANYWAY, we did not crack it open for MANY reasons but they did leave us glasses and a complimentary "snobby" water bottle. So, my crazy sisters were willing to pose for me as though they were boozing it up! Funny thing is that when I returned the pose I was standing in front of Champagne colored curtains so it appears that I have not been as forthright as my siblings! Hilarious! Despite the explanation, my mom STILL gave me the evil eye!

Alright...I wish I could tell you this whole story but it is only funny to those that were watching us. Regardless, I will say that we went to San Antonio as they were experiencing a "flood season" of sorts. It rained every day that we were there and particularly on our time at the spa. But, not just rain..torrential downpours! My dress was dragging the floor, soaking wet and we looked ridiculous trying to shop.

Brunching at MiMi's

Me and Jean at the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is amazing!

The stage where Sandra Bullock did the talent contest for Miss Congeniality.

My other nephew Corbin. So cute!

Parenting Palooza

I have recently entered a very fun stage of parenting. Sam's about to turn 9 (freaking me out that he will be double digits next year!) and Jo is 5 and they are full of a combination of both mine and my husband's personalities. As the "baby phase" goes away (which is very sad) the adolescent, pre-teen phase if right at our door and unless we take a nose-dive, it's my favorite so far.

Like today....

Sam came running into the room anticipating going outside and getting a hair cut followed by the sprinkler.

He dashed to my side and yelled in his best European accent, "I'm ready to go into my yard. All I have is a knife (some plastic broken piece off of a toy) a water bottle and a piece of flint! I may even have to drink my own pee!"

Let me explain...

He has this obsession with the television show on the Discovery channel called "Man Vs. Wild". He records it on the dvr and then runs to find the location on his globe. It's hilarious. I don't get it! The more disgusting that guy gets by eating maggots or drinking his own bodily fluids-the cooler he seems to the boys in my house!

Males are such a mystery?

Another pre-teen obstacle...The whole "Birds and Bees" conversation.

Sam has shown absolutely no interest or curiosity on the matter. For this...I'm very thankful. In my opinion, there's been no rush and I don't want to talk much regarding it until he can be trusted not to talk with his friends about what he learns.

Today he caught me tabulating the calories in my lunch and he commented on how girls always care how much they eat. My husband said that was because it is important to girls to look pretty and skinny. Sam couldn't understand why? Who sees you naked anyway?

So, I began to reveal to him that when you get married you do sometimes (while often avoided after you hit mid 30's and have a few babies!) see each other naked.

He look alarmed....

"But", I continued, "YOU will NEVER be naked with any girl until you're married!"

He seemed very agreeable to that. How long will that last?

I then went on to tell him that he is to never talk to his friends about our conversation on nakedness because it isn't appropriate.

Matt yells, "YEAH and if anyone tries to tell you that "I see London, I see France" poem"...Stop them! "That one really messed me up for a while!"

I cracked up and heard him mumble as he left the room..."I always wanted to go to France..."


SO, I suppose this is just the beginning of years of trying to parent children that are processing.


I'll leave you with another funny kid realization...

Want to know the best thing about visiting the grandma that lives in the woods?

You don't have to bother wearing pants to play outside!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pit Stop

Okay...I can only post for a sec because I need to hop into the shower.

I have been on a travelling whirwind since last Thursday and it doesn't look to let up for several more weeks.

At present, I am in San Antonio with my sister. We are getting ready to head off to a resort together and I'm looking forward to some "sister time" together. We haven't done that for years so I know it will be great.

My sister had a private room and bath all ready for me when I got to her house. Equipped with towels and smelly stuff wrapped in ribbons. I'm not sure what to do with myself...being able to sleep in and leaisurely head into the bathroom in the morning. It's weird.

The cabin in the mountains was good and I'll write about that when I can post some pics.

This week is Texas and then home to the midwest for some much needed friend time. I can't wait.