Thursday, October 02, 2008

Where in the world is Charity??

Sick...oh so very, shockingly sick.

After my last post, Devin should find this amusing...

Completely unplanned, completely without fertility drugs (wha-huh?), Completely terrifying and wonderful all put together...

"Life" takes a curve at our house.

More posts to come but you can find out our announcement here:

"Four" (Click)

Where my very un-sick husband says it all.


Devin said...


Congrats on number four....I am so happy for you all! This is great, and I will certainly be in prayer for your sickness, and for your and your baby's health through the next several (sometimes not-so-fun) months.

Yay...I hope it's a girl! (And pray that way for ME, too, would ya?) :-)

Steph said...

How is it going sicky? Just think you are that much closer to the twelve week mark! Surely baby bean will give you a break after that! Matt's post was cute.
Boy, if you didn't have to be preggers to have another one, I'd think about joining you!

Tiffany said...

I am so excited!!! My prayers are constantly surrounding you and that precious little one. You are truly amazing.

And, I want to jump on that wagon with Steph...having recently experienced pregnancy and all its wonders... I would LOVE to have another one (even though my youngest is just over 1) but oh the sickness.

Love ya, Charity!