Monday, February 23, 2009

A Birthday Tribute

I'm posting this for my BFF, Steph.

I never make it a secret when my birthday is approaching. As mentioned on Stephanie's blog, I spent our high school years putting post-it notes on everyones locker as a countdown to my big day. unbelievable as it may seem...this Friday I will turn 35.


When did that happen?

I'm doing a little something different with my day. I've decided to reverse things and focus on remembering those people that have been influential in my life for the last five years and celebrate who "they" are and what they have meant to me.

The invitations have been sent and I'm looking forward to a great day of lunching and laughing and expressions of spoken thankfulness for so many amazing women that I will sadly have to leave in a couple of months.

Well...I didn't want to leave everyone else out that are patiently waiting for me to come! So, while I have tons I could say about my very best girlfriend, I will take just a sec and leave her this youtube video. I watched it at school and it cracked me up and reminded me so much of all the hours and hours of long,difficult, "hashing out" conversations that I have had with Steph. Literally, you've been the key to my sanity through so many stages of life.

On my 35 year of life, I'm thankful for my Steph. What we have is rare and a treasure. I love you, girl!


Steph said...

ROFL!! Oh has scary at how realistic that was! The scenes of her coming home, crying and calling girlfriends AND the statement that talking about it "will never get old". WOW do they know us or what!?!
Happy Birthday! 35 - it's the new 25, right? :)

Steph said...

I meant to say "Oh HOW scary...not "has" scary...geesh, I need to proof read before I hit okay"

Charity said...

NO, seriously...that part where she has the ice cream tub in her hands and is sobbing...tears were pouring out of my eyes in laughter! I was cracking up. And don't you love how the guy goes home and tells himself he'd better not think about it since he probably won't understand it?

I KNEW they did that!

Steph said...

That and I love how the guy's serious face has NOTHING to do with what she said...and yet she goes from one extreme thought to the other... TOTALLY can relate to that one.
Plus, all the positions she was in while talking on the phone were killing me. From sitting on the bed, to slung over the bed, to in the fridge, to sitting at the kitchen table...
Scary how well this person gets it!

Charity said...

What is REALLY great is if you think about the fact that as women...this does not stop when you get married. (totally respecting your husband, though). The endless conversation can be about the other girlfriend that hurt your feelings or how big your butt has gotten OR that you feel like a failure as parent! And of course...sometimes...well, the hubby.

When I showed this to Matt and it got to the part with her on the phone for six hours...I was sure that his "blank stare" was him thinking..."Thank you, Lord, for Stephanie and Donna!" :),

Sandy said...

oh, this is hysterical!! Men are so stinkin thick (and simple)! I don't know how you and Steph live with a houseful of men! I have my own couple of emotional girls to live with (ok, so that might not be a good thing ;) And yes, it is the new 25!