Thursday, October 15, 2009

What inspired this?

A few weeks ago I took a new friend out to lunch. This is one of the perks of not working anymore. Occasional "lunching". Everyone should "lunch" in my opinion.

Anyway, we got done and maybe I was numb from too many chips and salsa or I'm having a pre-mid-life crisis...depressed..maybe?? I don't know but I had just had my hair that I was growing out trimmed three weeks prior AND colored but regardless, I felt drawn to a salon in the same building complex.

I had heard that this guy from Covington had gone to this salon and I wanted to see how much it would cost if he did my hair next time. He is edgy and seems farily current. Maybe he could make me happy! just so happened that he was free at that moment and thought that my longer hair was not complimenting my neck (I know?? I'm still not sure) and that I should do some patches of brown/red color in various places and trim a little....

And so I did something I NEVER do. I grinned at him...sat down..and said, "DO whatever you want."


So, after years of being compared to her quirky personality and silliness...I now have her haircut....

I'm waiting for the perfect picture to post when it does just what I want. I do think mine is a little longer than this pic, though. I have to say, I usually over-fix it but it is fun most days.

It doesn't appeal to my desire to be in a Jane Austin book with beautiful, long locks of glorious splendor but it is "cute". I guess "cute" is what you settle for when the wrinkles around the eyes and the less than perfect figure pushes you far away from the "Beautiful" category. I'm hoping to transition into my 40's as "classic"!

Actually, I'm REALLY hoping to go into my 50's...just not caring as much! Won't that be nice?

Everybody says the new cut is "Sooo you!" Is that a good thing? I thought I let him cut it so I could be "SOOO not me!"

Girls and hair. Aren't we pathetic?


Mr. Harmless said...

I totally did the same thing the other day... but my hair didn't look any different.

Sandy said...

glad you are back..and your hair looks awesome!