Monday, January 26, 2015



Been up since 4 taking my dad to a doctor's appointment in Indianapolis.  Still no definite answers but I am clear on one point:  I don't do 4am well.


So, in the interest of keeping this short and sweet but still fulfilling my commitment to write something every day, I will say that I have been impressed and amused by some of the words that people used in my life the last few hours.

Samuel said "inept" this evening.  Great word and while I wasn't sure he even knew what it meant he did use it in a proper sentence by describing himself as "socially inept".

This statement is only partially true and was used in reference to how little he addresses his Aunt Stephanie at school despite being in her classroom every day.  I feel this probably has something to do with the fact that she has actually changed his poopy diapers and kissed him a bagillion times on his giant, baby forehead but none-the-less...he must speak to his dear, old Auntie.

To say that he is inept in having face to face conversations with the opposite sex would in fact be an extreme understatement regarding eptness.  I blame that on texting.  I further blame that on the fact that I bought him his phone and pay for unlimited texting.

I'm learning to embrace parental failure.

The aforementioned Aunt Stephanie also used the word "tawdry" tonight to describe a past action of hers.  I have not heard this word in ages and it made me smile.

Just for the record, she has in fact never been tawdry in her entire life and if she has been in secret, behind my back, then I certainly am not responsible for teaching it to her!

Unless I did.

I'm furthermore embracing best friend failure.

Until tomorrow.....


Stephanie said...

This is my fourth time trying... You should've read all the wit in the first three attempts!
Good stuff ~ you've got a gift!

Unknown said...

That compliment would be so meaningful to me...if just said I was pretty!