Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Deep Breath

Well...The last box has been unpacked and things are starting to come together within the house. I finally got some time to sit down and look through my old pictures that I haven't had time to download and it is so weird to think that it's only been three weeks since we moved.

Here's a look back for everyone...

Moving Day

(Is this a sign of Josiah's future occupation?? I hope not!)


This is Diane, my first friend to arrive, diving into the donuts! She actually walked through the door all teary! I thought I had failed to explain to her that I wasn't actually moving back to Indiana but across town a few miles, but she reassured me that she was only crying because she was so happy for me.....Oh, sweet friend!

Seth and Keith

Anne, Amy, Tanya and Diane-My moving relief!

Matt and Matt

The official assembly line!

Our first house party


Di said...

Thanks for the oh-so-lovely shot of my rear end. Niiiiiiiiiice. I had NO business heading for those donuts! NO BUSINESS!!!!

Charity said...

stop it, you dork.