Tuesday, July 25, 2006


For those of you that have not been updated as to our current life status...I will inform you that my husband is no longer a teacher. He is, in fact, by all means and purposes...an OTR driver.

Some of you may be fortunate enough NOT to know what a OTR driver is and so I will bring you up to speed.

"Over The Road" driver.

This means that he leaves our house in a big truck and generally does not return for four days.

It stinks for many reasons.

One of the biggest is that I have no one here to answer my questions.

Those of you that know me well, know that I am extremely analytical and given enough time and no accountability, I can think myself into a frenzy. I am curious by nature and due to the fact that I zoned out most of my academic life, I would label myself in great need of lots of answers and fairly stupid.

My sister-in-law corrected me the other day by letting me know that if you are unaware of the world and historical facts, you are indeed NOT stupid, but in fact, "ignorant".

Funny, this did not make me feel better.

Regardless, I am very unaware of most things and think that it is possibly a more endearing part of my personality that I am willing to humble myself and ask questions. Right?

Yeah, whatever.

For instance...after much hysterics from my best friend regarding all the bombing that is going on in Israel and the declaration by many that we in fact, are in the end times, I glanced at my husband across the breakfast table and said, "Um..this whole bombing thing. Well, is this something that I need to worry about? Should I know more? Be more aware? Are they planning to bomb me soon?"

My husband who was about to launch into the ends and outs of the happenings looked up at my crumpled face and smartly replied, "No Charity...you don't need to worry about it."

Good answer.

Next question...

So, I'm single parenting and what that looks like is a very frazzled mother that has abandoned any form of diet or personal space so that she might produce some sort of summer fun for two boys in order to wear them out by 7:30 so they can collapse in bed.

In keeping with this survival mode, I was manipulated into getting ice cream on my way home from a friend's house tonight. I was anxious to get home and begin the bedtime process so I pulled into the first ice cream joint I could find.


Now, I ordered the kids a small cup and got myself a LARGE waffle cone of mint chocolate chip. FABULOUS...it's my favorite! I was thinking that I shouldn't be too worried about the calories because it's Yogurt, right??

Can anyone tell me if what I ate was truly "yogurt"? I haven't been to a TCBY since like 1987 and I'm confused about what I actually ate tonight? Do they serve regular ice cream also? I didn't specify and they didn't ask...thus, I'm guessing yogurt?


Also, I have a small shower off of my bedroom. It's frankly the smallest tile shower I've ever seen but the water pressure if out of this world! It's much like a sauna when I've got it good and hot and while enjoy all that, it's pointless to try to shower and also preserve my hair. Inevitably, I am drenched head to toe. My hair has FINALLY grown long so I hate to go to bed with wet hair. The question is...

Is it okay for a 32 year old mother (who I feel still has some style and class) to wear a shower cap? Do they still sell these things?

I was just imaging myself in the shower with an old lady cap on and it got me laughing. My mom doesn't wear a cap...nobody I know does. Will I be mocked severely by all who love me?

See...I'm left to figure all this stuff out and that just leads to stupid blogs!

Or ignorant ones.


MStauder said...

It's okay to use the shower cap, but make sure all cameras are hidden.

Charity said...

If you say it's okay, then I feel better!

You were always the best at making fun of me so I'm gonna trust you on this one!

(Good to hear from you!)

Setrn said...

You make me laugh so much! I am really looking forward to you visiting soon. Make sure you bring your sense of humor and your adorable boys.
btw, I would laugh REALLY HARD at you in a shower cap.

Charity said...

Ouch...I would never laugh at YOU in a shower cap!!!

Oh, who am I kidding? I would not only laugh at you..I WOULD take a picture and then I WOULD post it on my blog!

A shower cap really isn't me, is it?

Oh well.

Maybe you could get me one of those hats you wear in the hospital for surgery. It may not keep my hair dry but I would look really cool!

(You see dead people...scarey!)

night-rider said...

Your new house looks lovely and the woodsy setting looks so peaceful. I'm sure it will be well worth all the effort. Love the rooster! You'll have to get those big sons digging a vegetable garden as their summer project - that should wear them out and help stretch the budget at the same time. Must be hard being a single parent every summer but I'm sure you do a great job and I'm guessing Matt's just at the end of the phone anytime you need him. The shower cap... hmmm, not a great look but better than wet hair. Maybe you could compromise with a swim cap?