Saturday, November 03, 2007

First Annual Shepherding Group Camp-Out

I'm not sure who originally came up with the idea. My small group seems to be full of intelligent, realistic people. Maybe someone had too much cough medicine one night or there was a private "dare" I don't know about?

Whatever and whomever...Last night, three of my favorite couples (also being my small group members) agreed to gather together at a house with a yard and set up tents for a camp-out.

With our 8 small children.


I think many of us were sceptical as to how successful this activity would turn out to be. There was some preliminary conversations which included colorful "mocking" about who was truly a camper and who was not.

By the time last night arrived, there seemed to be a bit of a challenge in the midst...

Game on.

Truthfully, we had a great time. (I know...I was shocked, too!) I love my girls in this group and feel completely at home when I'm with them. I made it to 2am before I was allowed to collapse upstairs on the floor (we only have a small tent so Matt and the boys took that). Until those wee hours of the morning, I was amused by the periodic dad that popped in the back door...small child in hand...heading for a warm bedroom.


My stupid camera does terrible at night so I don't have any pics around the campfire but I'll include a few that I do have.

I'm not sure if we will do this again next year but having made it through the night and after a significant nap this afternoon, I have no regrets.

Just a few more great memories!

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Steph said...

How can I see the hair if it is up?
The color looks good to me.
Oh, and while I'm not jealous of the camping - the activity with friends seems fun!

Sandy said...

is this Anne's house? One of those aerial shots looked like someone should be throwing a rock ;)