Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ruthless Mocking

This is for those nearest and dearest to us from the years 1992-1996. You'll get a kick out of this!

Yesterday we got an e-mail from our counselling pastor at church, saying that he has recommended me and Matt to teach the pre-marital counselling class at church.


Pre-marital counselling.

For people who are wanting to get married and needing Biblical education about whether or not to do it.

From us.

From a couple who managed to be engaged three times with two different engagement rings and almost eloping due to sheer embarrassment.

No final decision has been made by us but I'm sure after I endure the ruthless mocking from my family and three girlfriends, I will know what to do.

(I'm going to TAKE the class!)


Steph said...

I think (for what it is worth) that you and Matt are great for this kind of job. I mean anyone who can have THREE engagments and then go ahead and go for it must really be able to encourage others on being sure! :)
Seriously though, I think you will good at it. Plus, how fun to be on this end of the marriage stuff. When people are excited and naive.

Anonymous said...

I SO have to watch this each Sunday- how can I volunteer? Maybe Matt and I can teach too...hmmm. Many not so good topics are coming to mind that we can talk about..."How to have an instant family in 5 months or less"......yeah, don't think that will go over so well...seriously, this is real cool for you guys- who would have thunk it?- so comforting to know that HE has plans for us FAR beyond what we have for us!!


Sandy said...

I also think that you guys would be good at it. You will be sure and let people know how hard marriage really is. If nothing else. The class would probably be really good.

Troy & Sherry said...

charity - so SAD i couldn't see you last weekend - but so happy to hear you voice....i love you friend and i am so glad you are able to know my wonderful friend alyssa -
next time we are in greenville i will call ahead - :)
love you bunches-

Jewel said...


Julie (Jewel) Harkleroad here. Finally figuring out this computer thing. Wanted you to know I've been lurking on your blogs and have appreciated them. It's good to find out a little bit about people's lives these days. I'll say Hi to Steph and Sandy too through this. I, too, think you guys would be perfect for the class!