Friday, December 12, 2008


The advantage to being the sub who is ALSO the wife of the absent teacher:

Sub/Wife can call missing teacher/husband on the cell phone and put it on speaker phone so teacher can yell at the kids from 30 minutes away!

They love it...I love it...It's fun had by all! (except for Sambo who has to throw up a million times to make it happen! Poor baby!)

In case you wonder...Students are STILL trying to get away with stuff because they think the substitute teacher has no brains! Several times today I've been told a suspicious story and then whipped out my cell phone and said, "Well, let's see about that!"

Modern technology turns the table on deceptive pupils! Finally!


Mr. Harmless said...

You should sub for me more often. Though, I don' think that I can do the "stay-at-home-dad" thing very well.

Steph said...

Wait - let me make sure I understand this. Sam is the sick one? Matt stayed home? Wow girlfriend, how did you get that to work in your favor. I'm liking those odds. (So cook must trump teacher...makes total sense).
Poor poor poor Sam. He has my deepest sympathy and prayers for a quick recovery. But the good news is, hopefully his tummy bug is over soon and he can enjoy Christmas. I'm walking on pins and needles for when it is going to happen to us. They are dropping like flies around here.

Steph said...

BTW- it was this week last year that Isaiah puked. Scary that I remember that but I do...
And Elijah got it the last day of school last year...

Alyssa said...

That is hilarious, Charity:)! I remembered your blog address...yay! I am so glad I did. Thinking of you, and praying for you too.
Did you want the Ornament Party pics? Email me if so, and let me know where you want me to load them for you.
Have a Merry Christmas:)