Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Day Begins...

I've found that if you are going to blog about a day's upcoming should probably do so at the beginning of the day and not at 4pm when the day is in full swing.

Story of my life.

I SO want to be dedicated to the cause of my blog if for nothing else to keep my big sister from being disappointed in me, but our life is nuts.  Plain and simple.  Nuts.

Here is a day in the life....

5:00 am-Wake up and sense that something is coming and hope you are wrong.

5:30-Take emergency counseling call from a hurting woman and spend the hour attempting to encourage her and brainstorm a Biblical plan to unexpected trials.  (I was right-something was coming!)

6:30-Check Commercial News for the obituaries.  I'm telling you...I have a silent fear that one day I'll see my picture in there and not only will I be mad at the one that Matt picked because it makes me look fat, I WILL BE DEAD.

7:00-Kids up, dress for Spirit week, lunches, breakfast, dressing myself...PLEASE can someone get me a cup of coffee!?

8:00-Take kids to school and come home to put the finishing touches on my face and begin to think and pray about first counseling session.  Review last weeks notes.  Pray some more.  Try to convince God that I actually cannot do this again for another day and that I'm completely inadequate to the task.  He loudly agrees with me from the Bible but then reminds me of some good stuff....

8:45-First Session

9:30-Interrupt session to take call from Police officer to help me know what to do with 5am counseling call.

11:00-End Session and give counselee a ride home.

11:30-Answer texts and voicemails that have come through.  Check e-mails.

12:30-Eat lunch and wait for the daily call from Stephanie.

12:45-Not hearing from best friend so I decide that I'm going to take a short nap to catch up from morning and as soon as I drift off....

1:00-Stephanie call.  I love my best friend but this was another counselling session as her life is more crazy that mine right now.  Must admit...Counselling session for me, also!

2:00-Go get boys from school

2:30-Finally get that shower I needed this morning but didn't have time for.

3:30-Start to review notes for tonights session's....We have three different couples coming.

4:00-Get distracted and blog

And the rest remains to be seen....

I did not make my bed yet, do homework with Jo, call and check on my dad, call a very important counseling referral that has been waiting for two days, do any sort of school for myself, make dinner, finish laundry, type notes from last week's sessions OR take that nap.

(And don't even get me started on how I am doing logging into My Fitness Pal every day or getting those 8 glasses of water down!)

Oh shoot!  I need to clean the church also!  I totally forgot about that!

...and it all started this morning in my fluffy, leather chair with my cup of coffee and a calming candle.  I'll be honest that I have been waiting all day for this day to be done but God is continuing to surprise me with grace upon grace and some cool moments that can only be experienced by his power.

Until later-when I will hope to blog but will not because I will be snoring on the couch with Pinx!

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Jeannie said...

Totally agree. Your life is crazy