Friday, August 04, 2006

As if it weren't hot enough outside...

A big bunch of "Sonlight" came into our house this morning!

It's time for school...

I was convinced that although the curriculum we used last year for homeschooling was excellent for keeping us on track and placing educational steps in the correct order for was so BORING! Sam and I were dreading school time by the end of the year and while I knew I would have to pay a pretty penny for materials that would be inventive and intriguing, I WAS WILLING!

I reviewed several options and ending up choosing Sonlight. It is an awesome curriculum that places high value on reading. Basically, with some Science and History for fun and some Math (of course), we will read for the next nine months. Sonlight promotes this curriculum for parents of children that love or hate to read. Either it satisfies the enjoyment or brings you along to a place where you begin to have a unique appreciation for books. The books are beautiful and interesting. Though many are written by my favorite long-time authors, there are even more that are brand new to us and just waiting to be opened.

Sam and I can't wait.


And we have a newbie that is right along with us!

If you place high importance on formal testing or lots of seatwork, then you will not be interested in this curriculum. I had to let go of some strong feelings I had about being able to traditionally monitor Sam and his retention of the material, but I agree now that we only formally test in regular school because there are so many children in the classroom and it is impossible for one teacher to question every student in an individually concentrated manner.

It's an adjustment but I think Sam is thrive with this learning environment.

I never thought I would be doing this. Never. I couldn't see it being remotely interesting to me in the least, but I will say is wonderful to have a second chance at school to redeem myself. The time with Sam is priceless and while I have thoughts of sending both he and JoJo to school next year and going to college or back to work, I wonder if I will be able to?

That will be third grade...and third grade is so cool!

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Setrn said...

I know I just love it when the school stuff comes in the mail!