Monday, September 04, 2006

What I discovered when I went home #2

...Every (and I mean EVERY) party is clearly better with someone wearing a sombreros!

This trip home, I got be around for Sandy's birthday. This is actually a pretty big deal because I haven't been able to celebrate with her for more than ten years! Of course, my friends have adapted to my absence and developed their own tradition of recognizing birthdays (that I, regrettably, am not a part of nor do I get to reciprocate with others for MY birthday but oh well...*sigh*) but this year, I crashed their party!

Of course, I recommended the place and they ALL hated it but me. (Chevy's in Champaign, Il. It's fabulous!...I mean it!)

Regardless, we ate an illegal amount of food and found good reason to laugh and spend some money.

Thanks girls, for a great night out!


Aunt Jamie said...

Hey, Charity. I would like to order an 8 X 10 glossy of the one with San in the sombrero. I'm thinking it would make a nice Christmas card pic!

Setrn said...

ok, now all bets are off, Steph and I are definitely going to figure out how to use her new scanner! watch out sister;)

Aunt Jamie said...

Is that me sister, or Charity sister??!! Just checking to see if I need to "watch out".

Setrn said...

Sorry Jame, it was directed to Charity, that is what she has taken to calling me.