Monday, September 04, 2006

What I discovered when I went home #4

...Actually, I discovered this on my second round home I made recently but I figure it still counts.

Instant Messenger.

My...My...My. It is clearly not what I remember it being. I haven't instant messengered in a LONG time but recently my best friend re-introduced it to me at her house and I am totally freaked out by what you can do on instant messenger now! I'm using the AOL new version (?) and I actually have a girl that looks a bit like me and says some of the things that I type after I type it! It's hilarious and really so much fun. Steph has a green M&M girl in Go-Go boots that walks around all sassy-like on the screen. What?

The smileys are merely a second thought now to the advancements that have gone into updating instant messenger.

Steph and I are having a great time typing and sometimes also phone talking as we type! It's like DOUBLE communication! YEAH!

(We are so immature!)

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