Monday, March 17, 2008

Consumer Approval

Alright...I thought I would throw this out to my fellow lady friends as a little food for thought and a recommendation!

You know..I'm getting into my mid-thirties and along with a barrage of other health concerns, my awareness of breast cancer is ever before me. In just a few years I, myself, will venture in for the notorious "squish" and I'm wanting to do whatever I can to protect myself and have a healthy outcome.

So, a friend of mine began to discuss with me about deodorants. I am *embarrassing to admit* a pretty avid sweater. I've been known to double up on the deodorant to start the day off and when I began to realize what I was doing to my body with traditional deodorants...I got a little nervous!

"Nervous" meaning: "I want to plug my ears right now because I love my Secret deodorant and I will hate any other natural alternative!!"

You see, God designed out bodies to sweat and I really do hate to stop something that God purposely put in place! It seems like He might have a good reason for it, right?

(How does this philosophy play into me shaving my legs??..yeah, I don't know, either!)

So, God made us to sweat out some of the toxins in our body through the pits and when we consistently stop that from happening with traditional deodorants containing aluminum and such, then those toxins escape into our "underarm" lymph nodes and makes us vulnerable to the risk of breast cancer.

My husband has used a natural, aluminum-free deodorant in the past and as much as he has tried to get me to use it also, I couldn't get past the part that I would sweat! Ick!

BUT, after a lump scare a few months ago, I decided it was time. I had two regular deodorant sticks left and I vowed to go completely natural after using those up! (I mean..waste is wrong also, right?!) Boy...did I take my time using those deodorants up!

But, to my surprise, I'm really liking the natural rock deodorant. I don't sweat nearly as much as I thought and it contains *something* that kills the bacteria that makes you smell. So, while I may have sweated a tiny bit less with the traditional deodorant, I also had that kinda sweaty/smelly smell at the end of the day.

Totally gone. I know longer stink at all!

Another advantage...the Crystal Rock lasts f..o..r..e..v..e..r! I'm going to save money along with my lovely female assets and that leaves for a happy husband!

So, I encourage you, my sisters, to purchase the Crystal Rock. It has this consumer's approval!


jillybean said...

hmmm...I'm not sure I can trust the "deodorant" endorsement of a man whose name is "Wetmore". I'll have to think about that one. :)

Troy & Sherry said...

thanks friend-
we will look into this....i have sweat/deodarant etc issues as well :)
where do you buy it?
love and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

They also say that the aluminum can deposit in the brain causing Alzheimer! Also studies have shown that women in cultures that do not shave under there arms have a very very low breast cancer rate but I can't even go there. Julie

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you had made "the switch" yet or if you were holding out till the summer! I have one left and then, I will take the plunge- you crack me up!