Friday, March 21, 2008


Well,I arrived as expected to my sister's house yesterday.

It was a good flight and Jeannie was waiting for me with plans of shopping and eating during our first afternoon of "sister weekend"!

It was alot of fun and we gorged ourselves in between shops in downtown St.Louis. I, of course, ended the night with a very predictable "Charity move" by totally embarrassing myself in a way that cannot even be blogged about! This brought about bouts of laughter throughout the night and so I guess it was worth it!

Today, my mom and dad and brother Bill and family arrived to spend the next two days with us here. We checked them in to a lovely hotel and spent the evening dining at a seafood buffet. Trust me...they totally lost money on our family! Thanks dad for treating us! :)

Tomorrow, my niece's "love" will arrive so I can meet him and approve and that should be fun!

I'll post lots of pics later when I get home. I'll head that way on Monday night and have plans to leave the next day on a family trip with Matt and the boys.

I'm just very aware of how blessed I am to have this time away to be with my sister and family and am trying to take in every moment with gratitude. Thanks, Matt for freeing me up to invest in my family! I miss my boys so much!

Oh..and for the girls of D-ville: While I have many great memories in Springfield from years past, I will NEVER forget our Senior night here and the time with stupid were we??


Steph said...

Glad you made it! Hope you have a really good time. Would you believe I am STILL I'll dress up all of my boys and take pictures but save my own Easter stuff until later...(ironically enough I'm on two meds now plus regular pain pills. Leap of faith!)
Springfield...can I just remind everyone that I was the chicken in the far back corner of the car?

Sandy said... hope you have a great time. We didn't really do that Springfield thing, did we?? We can blame it on Karynn, she probably won't notice! oh..and be prepared to tell us about your newest public embarrassment..I could use the laugh in the near future.

Manda said...

I can't believe our parents let us do that!! They probably thought we were more responsible than what we really were!! =) I hope you are having a good time with your family!!