Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Living History Museum

I'm so behind on getting pics up from this day! I couldn't help but miss my best friend Steph when I toured this at our school. She is a history teacher on sabbatical but I know she would have loved this!

Our school is really pretty cool. They present history in a classical way and are taught it each year in order or eras. They try to apply the era they are in in other they learn about the music and instruments of that time in music class and they learn about the art of that time in art class. Bible also coincides with it. By the time they graduate, they have a very well rounded knowledge of each point in history.

I so wish I would have been taught this way...but, oh well. *sigh*

So, each year they host a living history museum. The children are given a character from the point of history they are studying and they do a big research project about them. They have to prepare an oral presentation and costume. Then they are assembled all over school in their particular time period. As you tour, you go up to the character and touch their hand and they do their short oral presentation, describing themselves.

I had NO idea what a big deal this all was. The kids did awesome and went all out with their costumes. It was so much fun and frankly, educational.

Sam was Jacob. He did a great job and got a well deserved 100% for his work.

Here are some highlights:

Sam and his buddy Taylor being King Ramses

Sam as Jacob. Notice the hairy arm?? He also made and baked the clay bowl and glass beside him. It held the "red stew" that Jacob tricked with.

Joni Erickson Tada

Nancy Reagan

Queen Isabella-I loved her dress!

My friend Theresa's son Noah as Ben Franklin...SO CUTE!

Pate as Samuel Clemmons (aka: Mark Twain)

My all time favorite costume of the day! This is Priscilla playing "Eve". She walked by me and I had to do a double-take with the whole nude suit she had on! My administrator reassured me that she got special permission to debut. I will say...this would NEVER have been okay had she been a high schooler! :)


Steph said...

Does my heart proud! GREAT idea for a school...hmmm gonna have to talk to our school's principal!
Quite a variety - Nancy Reagan and Joni ...were these both in your history book?

Anonymous said...

Just watch out for me at Halloween- I'm likin' the Eve suit!