Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bye, Bye, Baby Bump!

This week Josiah finally said good-bye to the little hernia above his belly button that we have long since called the "Baby Bump". He was born with it and while I was mysteriously told by a couple pediatricians that I sincerely trust that it would some day "go away"...this really doesn't seem to be the case.

It started to cause him some pain this fall and we decided to get a second opinion from a surgeon. On Wednesday, they took him in to repair it.

This was very, very, very hard for a parent. Watching them roll away from you and having to leave them no matter what the procedure is, is so difficult. But, we prayed with him and told him to go an enjoy another one of life's BIG adventures.

Like many people feel when they emerge from a big, life adventure, he looked up at me as I held him in the hospital room and said, "I wish it never would've happened!" *sigh*

But, he's up and at it and I'm trying to keep him calm per Doc's orders. TWO WEEKS. How am I going to manage that?

I thank the Lord for watching over my baby and keeping him safe. He is my sweet monkey!


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