Sunday, November 22, 2009

"New Moon"...and Old Friends

I'll briefly admit it despite your mocking...

I love the Twilight series.

I'm 35.

I'm married.

(I still love them!)

SO...Sadly, when my BFF's birthday was lost to a bad bout of morning sickness, she promised me that we would have our birthday night out when the second twilight movie premiered.

To our GREAT SHOCK, Sandy STILL has not pushed that baby out so YYEEAAHH....she got to go with us. (And her sweetie, James, who was man of the night! Thanks, Mr. Chauffeur!)

I made sure to run out this afternoon and get shirts for Steph and I. Sorry, big belly Twilight shirts available! Steph is totally "Team Edward" and I'm cheering "Team Jacob". Who wants a perfect, pale looking man that looks like he has an eating disorder. I'll take a grizzly guy any day...ruff, ruff! (Totally thinking of you Matt, really!)

So, here is a preview of our night. much fun, girls! I love ya'!


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Steph said...

Me Me Me - I want the scrawny, pale, I mean I want Bella to want the scrawny,pale guy. Such a fun time! Thanks again for the shirt! Hopefully it will fit better next summer. In time for the JUNE ECLIPSE!!!