Sunday, November 22, 2009

Edward JACOB brought Baby Reese

WARNING: There's always the risk with a really good girl's night out that someone WILL go into labor!

Less than 24 hours from our movie night and Baby Reese finally arrived!

Steph and I dashed up to see her this afternoon and she is beautiful! She has red hair and is the picture of her new daddy!

...when I think of where we were just a couple of years ago, San...She is such an unexpected miracle, right? I couldn't be more happy if she were my own.

So here are some debut pics from Aunt Tee Tee. You will be able to tell from the video clip that all the talking to her in Sandy's belly was totally successful! She completely knew me right away!

*sigh* I do love a baby...

The traditional Aunt Tee Tee baby blanket!

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Steph said...

Too cute - but the video didn't work for some reason. Maybe my popup blocker.

Heather said...

I see you have caved under the facebook pressure! Not me yet! :)