Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coping Mechanisms

Can I get a shout out...props...or a "heck ya'" for my favorite drink stop in the whole world-


I am telling you right now that their diet coke with vanilla syrup is a stinking lifesaver when you need a little "pick me up"!

I am facing TWO WEEKS as a single parent (I am so going to get lectured for typing that from my mom and sister who think that some wacko is going to come and get me from the display of my personal information! I say, if some guy from California reads my blog and wants to fly out here and stalk me.."Gitty-up!". I welcome the company-I'll give him some dishes to do.) AND my quick runs through Sonic drive-up will be often!

I was sitting at a meeting tonight with the weight of several worlds on my shoulders and I thought to myself, "I need a drink from Sonic. I could just get up and sneak out the side door and no one will notice. I must have it..."

So I did.

And I felt better.

If that's wrong then I don't want to know about it. It may be a coping mechanism but it's the safest one I've had in a while so lets all just be thankful!

Mmmm....I'm still sipping it hours later and it continues to satisfy...


Steph said...

Girl! I LOVE Sonic... drink it nightly when I visit my mother in law! I love the lemon slush things. Soooo goood! I'm supposed to be giving up Mt Dew (and all pop) right now but I can only commit to cutting way back and adding other types of drinks...
It seems I can't kick the "it's midday and the boys are climbing the walls - let's go through the gas station drive up for a drink" feeling. But I have started to drink rasberry tea - they say it is very good for me. Tastes like it! :P

Charity said...

Okay..who are "they"?? I have been telling you to give up the Mountain Dew FOR YEARS NOW!!

I want to say that I'm mature enough to let someone else have the glory of getting you off the dew but I'm not!

They. Hmph.

Anonymous said...

I would not have made it thur the last 9 months w/o the lemon slush!

Charity said...

Another Lemon Slush fan?...hmmm, I may have to give that a try.

Setrn said...

Why did you not FORCE me to get a drink from Sonic while I was there if it was capable of curing all that ails you! Girl, you are positively gleeful in that post. And Steph, I have a whole case of Diet Dew here, it doesn't go as fast as it used to. I bet my mom has a bunch too, maybe you should give it a try.

Oh, and the weight of several worlds, huh! I will have you know that it is almost 9 am here and I haven't called you yet, so there!

Troy & Sherry said...

w3 cheers for diet coke - i love it....how are you friend - i sure do miss you! drop me a line someday! love ya!

Anonymous said...

They had something seasonal for the holidays last year that I thought was really good. But it must not have left too lasting of an impression because I can't remember what it was now. Was it pumpkin? Or eggnog? A shake? I don't remember. I think it was crumbly on top.

Baskin Robbins here in town has a Pecan Pie shake that I am fixin to try real soon!!