Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving "Friendship Style"

It's in times of your life when your van won't make it 12 hours and your new job won't let you off for two weeks that you find yourself very thankful on Thanksgiving Day that you have good friends that will open their home and their refrigerator...

(this was AFTER we'd eaten half of the food!)

And invite you to dinner.

I have to say though that LONG before life kept us from going home this holiday season, Anne was begging us to join them for the festivities! She cracks me up with her party plans. Regardless, I am grateful. While yesterday seemed very strange to be celebrating without any family, we enjoyed ourselves with those that are "like" family.

Thank you, Anne. I know you have NO idea how to comment on here and you read it about every other month when you check your websites, but I couldn't have felt more like I was celebrating with a sister...Especially when we were arguing about the green beans! I love you very much.

And as for the rest of you back home-You were greatly missed as you are every day. I'm going to have to re-think Christmas, though!


Setrn said...

who took that awesome picture?

Steph said...

You both look like two hot mamas!
30-ish is the new 20ish right?