Friday, November 24, 2006

Spice or "Spike" up your life...



Being the mother of boys is a real joy. They are easy. Give them a lego (and I mean just's amazing what they can do with JUST ONE lego!) or a car and they are set. Put them in yesterday's underwear and you'll never get a complaint.

Juice box=happy.

There is very little drama. Not much care. Just fun little boy stuff.

So, it was amusing to me when Sam began to realize that there was such things as "cool" hair or fashionable clothes.

(Old Navy stuff is "cool" to him. It must be Old Navy. Shirt tails that hang out of sweatshirts are "way cool" or "rockin'". Rockin'?)

So, Sam has been begging me for short, spikey hair. "Please, Mamma. I want short bangs that I can stick up. It's so cool."

As a rule, I don't care for short boy hair. Across the board, I feel if a boy has nice hair then he should keep it a little longer...comb-able. Bad hair or balding hair...whack it off! I highly suggest this...I'm a hair girl.

But tonight Sam caught me at a weak, alone moment and I took the clippers to his hair. He has long since seen a professional stylist for his haircuts but we are short on cash and I had had enough of that shaggy hair that he's been sporting.

The whole haircut he's begging for spike length and telling me how cool it is and how important it is that it not be able to get tangly and I was remembering being young and really wanting to look good.


(This picture cracks me up because he's doing the cool pose for me!)

You would think that some amazing makeover show had visited our house. He was "sliding" all over the house and doing "cool moves" for me! He began to tell me how he was going to get a basket for his scooter and deliver papers every morning and when he turns 16, he was going to mow lawns for people...the possibilities were endless with this new haircut!

Oh well. I guess a few piercings and some low wearing, boxer revealing pairs of jeans from now and I'll be one of the many exhausted moms that determine to survive through these years.

For now, short hair makes him happy and I'm okay with that!


jamie331988 said...

Rockin' hair Sam!!

Setrn said...

sigh* it must have been the influence of his recent "female visitors." Unfortunately, they are VERY into "cool"

Steph said...

Looks really stylin' Sam man!
Your mom did a good job!

night-rider said...

Great to see a boy with a sense of style - it really suits you Sam - well done mamma!