Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Festival of Trees

Well, Steph...You asked for it!

It's funny because I'm not a huge holiday person. I used to love Christmas but through the years it has certainly in many ways lost its glamour. I know that most things tend to do that the older you get, but I'm still holding out hope that one day it will return to the "magic" that it used to be.

Meanwhile, I see it as an opportunity for me to splurge in my love for decorating. So, I cannot be content with just ONE tree!...not when there are so many rooms to adorn!

The Living Room Tree

"Every Time a Bell Rings..and Angel Gets His Wings!" Right?

The Kitchen Tree

The Hallway Tree

My Bedroom Tree

Sam and Jo's Tree...You'll notice the new Harry Potter Ornament that Aunt Anne gave Sam that he loves!

You know, the bottom line with Christmas is that it's not about what it means to us personally and what we get out of it....it's about others. Regardless what disappointments we may be experiencing or secret hurts that we carry, we press on through December, motivated by a great love for the people in our lives. As moms, we use grace to get up off the couch and transform the house because there are little boys and girls in our homes that find joy and excitement in what Christmas means to their small worlds.

Fortunately, their "magic" is contagious...trust me.


Setrn said...

sadloy, my tree is still in the garage! I hope to get on the decorating stick soon!

Steph said...

Very pretty - and you so obviously have older boys...I usually do two trees but alas, this year the tree is tucked safely behind a baby gate to be looked at from afar...
Isaiah squwaked loudly about that today too!

Charity said...

Just for the record...I had alot of trees when my boys were little too!

I think you need to face the facts, Steph. While extremely adorable...that wee one of yours is uniquely dangerous!

What I saw that kid do to my suitcase and *cough* private garments was alarming...