Wednesday, February 07, 2007

JoJo's First Festivity


Josiah is turning five this next week.

I honestly cannot fathom it. It is crazy to think that he is getting ready to be school-aged. I still recall him in that Jumpin' Johnny during his amazing tricks.

This week he told me that I'll just need to get a new baby because I was kissing him too much.

So depressing.

Tonight, we are going over to our friends Abe and Amy so Josiah can share a birthday party with their daughter Claire. It will only be the four of us but Jo is very pumped about the whole thing.

I'll be sure to post some pics.

Promised Pictures...


Steph said...

Happy early birthday JoJo. I know what you mean about them being done with kisses. I tried to curl up with Elijah last night on the coach (something we have done since he was a baby) and he kind of shirked his way out of my arms. He doesn't mind sitting by me but doesn't want to be hugged...thank goodness I do have a smaller one to keep kissing on.

Sandy said...

What a cute cake! I am sorry that your boys grow out of the cuddling stage. I still have a big time cuddler, and she is almost seven. I am blessed in that way, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday JoJO. We love and miss you very much. Can't beleive you are 5. What a big boy :-) Love,
Aunt Julie, Jeff, Donovan, and Corbin