Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Please Pray for My Mom..."

I have, for several years now, been focusing my time of church service in more "behind the scenes" sort of ways. It has been great for many reasons but the greatest (while not the most righteous) is that you have WAY less opportunities for the the "humbling" that you get when you do stuff in front of people.

Today at church, it became increasingly clear to me that God intended to do some work in the area of humility in my life. In fact, the process began more in the middle of the week. I should have known that I was asking for it.

In some form or another all day, I have found myself in precarious situations or enduring advice and scoldings until I was entertaining fantasies of running off the stage at church and retreating to my nice, warm bed at home!

I thought I would share with you how my night ended...Steph has been bugging me for another new blog and as soon as I lived through the final moments at church...I new that I could give her a laugh by blogging about it.

Right before I ascended the steps to sing with my praise team, Sam's Sunday school teacher plopped down beside me (with an enormous grin on her face) and began to tell me about Sam's class this morning and what he asked for in prayer time. She said, "Besides the fact that Sam is brilliant..he is SO hilarious! I have to tell you what his prayer request was this morning!"

She then went on to quote Sam. He said, "Could you please pray for my mom. She has a yeast infection and if she gets to level four then she will die!"


I wanted to crawl under the pews and disintegrate into nothingness.

I went on to explain to her the reality of my health situation to no real avail since word in the mom circle around my church now is that I am somehow dying from a stage four yeast infection! Women have actually asked Matt if I'm okay!


The truth is that I have been sick for some time now and am THRILLED to have discovered that I do have a high level of a particular yeast in my body. Happily for me, it is not located in any one particular area of my body (sorry guys!) but that is, unfortunately, usually assumed when it is discussed. When yeast is will go through stages and ultimately, it can really be serious but I am LIGHT YEARS from stage four.

Apparently, this has all been discussed in Sam's earshot and so he felt the need to share it with our rather LARGE church family.

I am expecting the pray chain to be called tomorrow and to get on the meal list for next week.



Now, I am going to my bed...where I probably should have just stayed this morning!


Steph said...

Hey - I'm thinking some good meals are perhaps worth the trade...I wonder if I can get Elijah to say something like that...hmmm we may be on to something!

Setrn said...

SOOO funny! I know we would never speak in front of our children again if we knew what they might repeat! I can almost hear Sam saying that SO honestly and the poor teacher trying not to crack up! What a sweet kid.

mattharmless said...

This has given me something to smile about for the day. Every once in a while I will start to feel down, and this will come back to my mind.

I am just imagining some child sitting around the Sunday afternoon dinner table, having a family moment, when that child says, "umm... mom. Before we pray, I have a special request... Samuel, one of the kids in my class... well, he said his mom was dying of a really bad yeast infection..."

I can envision this moment in my mind, and it brings me a little smile.

Love you.

Aunt Jamie said...

Oh, Charity!! That's hilarious. It reminds me of a little boy in my Wed. night class. Every week at prayer time he says in a very low, slightly in-bred sort of way (it had to be said,I'm sorry!) "Uh, my dad's in the Fountain County Jail. We'd like to get him out." It's all I can do not to laugh every week!!

Charity said...

Oh, Jamie...that's actually kind of sad!

If you were trying to make me feel better about Sam's request then you did, sweetie!

Steph-Only YOU would think a free meal was worth utter humiliation!