Monday, February 05, 2007

"You Had Me At Hello"

(Keith is on the left next to Seth)

My friend Tanya wrote me today with the most hilarious story and since she was seeking my forgiveness for sharing my previous post to all of my friends-I told her I would repay her by blabbing her lunch events to my blog friends! (It's way better than my yeast infection story!-BTW...I SO didn't care, Tanya! You tell a story way better than I do!)


Apparently she and her husband met today for lunch at a deli here in our town. Keith, her husband, arrived before her and went up to the counter to order. He said there was a blonde lady in sunglasses with a couple of friends and he thought that her voice sounded familiar but it wasn't until she turned to him and gave him permission to go ahead of her to order, that he realized it was Renee Zellweger.

Renee and George (Clooney) are in town filming a movie and a couple of my friends have spotted her around the city at various places. George, sadly, appears to be sending his "people" for things he needs.

"Sad" about that REALLY doesn't describe it...but back to my story! Focus, Charity...Focus!

So, Keith orders and sits down and when Tanya arrives he fills her in on the celebrity sighting. She, of course, agrees that it is Renee and I'm sure many fun minutes followed as they ate their lunch and enjoyed the view feeling very excited about the new story they would tell all of their friends.

Funniest part though...

When Keith left the restaurant he made his way over to the table where he handed Renee a napkin with the words "You Complete Me" written inside!

Renee apparently laughed and thanked him and then went on to show the message to her friends.

Keith is now my new hero!

I have giggled about this for hours.

I am having dinner with Tanya and Keith this Friday and I can't wait to hear the whole thing AGAIN in person! I'm sure it will only inspire Anne more to dress us all up and head out to stalk Clooney this weekend! I'll be sure to video tape if said stalking does occur!

Thanks, Renee, for mixing with the little people! You really made my day!

Little known Charity fact: Favorite Renee movie is "The Whole Wide World" where she starred with Vincent D'onofrio about the man that wrote the Conan the Barbarian tales. What can I say? It hit a nerve!


Setrn said...

favorite Renee Movie...Cold Mountain. If you truly haven't seen it, we must rent it while you are visiting! Like I said, "you complete me" is SO much for original than "you had me from hello."

Steph said...

I love her in Cold Mountain and the TV version of Jerry Maguire (movie vs - must have parent guardian hooked up!) But one of the most touching of her movies is One True Thing...ugh! Tearjerker!

Steph said...

Oh yeah - George is a LIBERAL so if you see him shout "We love George W!"

Stephanie Houston said...

White Oleander.

Awesome movie. She kills herself by sleeping pills while her adopted daughter sleeps next to her.

Charity said...

Yeah, Steph...If I actually get close enough to say or shout something to George Clooney, I'll make sure it is something that offends him!

You crack me up!

I know he's liberal but he sure is pretty...