Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Polar Opposites?

I do the same thing many mornings...

Crawl out of bed...kiss the boys...take the dog out and then say to myself, "I wonder what the weather will be today?"

I usually go in then and sit at the computer and type in my weather along with some other destinations that I like to know about.

San Antonio
Danville (Poor Steph)


Usually if it's warm here then it's making its way to warm in most of the other places. Not so the case today!

I typed in my city and it looks like we are in for a beautiful day. Crystal blue skies and topping around 60 degrees-which feels much warmer when you've been in the thirties or forties!

I plugged in Danville and seriously...I thought that my computer had frozen before all the images were loaded! It said 1 degree. ONE?!

I couldn't believe it! While I'm jealous of the snow, I must agree with my desperately depressed best friend that that is WAY TOO COLD!

Steph and I talk several times a day and so I made sure to call her first to give her my sympathies..and to break the news that the boys were on their way out to the front yard to run some energy off. (I'm always putting a bit of pressure so that maybe she'll just move here with me one day!)

So Auntie Steph...the boys say "COME VISIT US!"

Sam and Jo outside this morning


Sandy said...

oh sure, you can don't invite me anymore! You can now count on me showing up quarterly!

Charity said...

I'm going to try to bring some of the warm with me but if I fail...You'll get to enjoy it anyway, San!

Steph said...

I hate you...enough said!
(Oh and my mom wanted us both to see how she voted for our dogs - check out the first dog blog to see her comment)

Anonymous said...

It was 75 here yesterday. Donovan was sweating at the playground :-) and my face got a litte pink. Loving it in San Antonio! Julie