Monday, March 10, 2008

"Be With God"

Last night my sweet JoJo got up out of bed and came to ask us again if he could get saved.

He started asking questions about salvation even before Sam but we have put him off because he was still confused about some parts of true salvation and he was always content to put it off when we suggested waiting.

Last night Josiah put his foot down!

He answered every concern with flying colors and said that he DID NOT want to wait any more. In his words..."I'm little. I don't want to forget and I might forget. I want to get saved tonight so I can go be with God."

I loved that reason.

I've heard so many motivations throughout my years and various relationships and all of them are appropriate and right but very seldom is the primary focus on the desire to be able to go and "be with God".

Isn't that what we were truly created for? Not to be husbands or wives or even parents but to join into a fulfilling romance with our Creator. Ultimately, we were formed and sent to earth so that we could set our eyes and ambitions on returning to be with our God.

Of course, Jo called his grandparents and today on the playground he ran up to give me a hug and whispered in my ear.."Remember, Mama-I'm saved now!"

Like a mother could ever forget that...

So, I'm posting the words to one of my favorite Rich Mullins songs because Josiah's repentance reminded me of my first love. I join Jo in his quest to be with God.

Praise God, He has drawn both of my sons into His glorious faith and now we are truly all "family".

Can I Be With You?

Everybody each and all
We're gonna die eventually
It's no more or less our faults
Than it is our destiny

So now Lord I come to you
Asking only for Your grace
You know what I've put myself through
All those empty dreams I chased

And when my body lies in the ruins
Of the lies that nearly ruined me

Will You pick up the pieces
That were pure and true
And breathe Your life into them
And set them free?

And when You start this world over
Again from scratch
Will You make me anew
Out of the stuff that lasts?

Stuff that's purer than gold is
And clearer than glass could ever be

Can I be with You?
Can I be with You?

And everybody all and each
From the day that we are born
We have to learn to walk beneath
Those mercies by which we're drawn

And now we wrestle in the dark
With these angels that we can't see
We will move on although with scars
Oh Lord, move inside of me

And when my body lies in the ruins
Of the lies that nearly runied me

Will You pick up the pieces
That were pure and true
And breathe Your life into them
And set them free?

And when You blast this cosmos
To kingdom come
When those jagged-edged mountains
I love are gone

When the sky is crossed with the tears
Of a thousand falling suns
As they crash into the sea

Can I be with you?
Can I be with you?


Steph said...

Kiss the little guy. I couldn't call him because we had Upward Awards night tonight but I plan to check in with him tomorrow!

Sandy said...

Steph told me at Upward, and I am thrilled! I remember "putting off" Paige until she wouldn't be put off any longer.

jillybean said...

Charity, Great news! So sweet to hear of his heart.

Just wondered if you ever got my email? and how your presentation went?

Anonymous said...

Praising with the Angels! What wonderful news JoJO :-) Love and miss you, Aunt Julie
Now pray for my two boys.

Devin said...

Got goosebumbs, Charity. I'm so happy for him, and for your 'family.'


Paul Fuller said...

I second the goosebumps! That is such an awesome (and I mean that in the true sense of the word) testimony! John Piper would be proud :)

Anonymous said...

Charity- I am so so happy!!! How pure of a reason. Praise the Lord!


night-rider said...

Hi Char, You are way ahead of me technologically - I only found your message while mucking around with a search! Anyway I'm glad I saw it. Nice to hear from you. I haven't been near a blog in about a year, but the other night had a feeling I wanted to look up you and one other. Glad things are going well with your family.