Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mama Mia

My son Josiah is hilarious.

Seriously, he is his father made over. The boy is never totally present in any situation and getting him to focus on ANYTHING for too long is not a job for the faint-hearted.

The thing is that he is wonderfully artistic. His imagination is fantastic and he "beat boxes" his own rhymes and keeps perfect time. I cannot wait to see what he will become when he grows up. Sam...Sam will be something very planned, and perfected. But, Jo-Watch out!

The k5 boys have started to try to do that rhyme we all know. You know..."Mama Mia, Papa Pea...Daddy's got the diarr-" Well, you are aware of the rest!

I scold them every time they start it! I tell them that I'm a lady and that it is not polite to talk about "diarrhea" casually around me! They grin and oblige for a while until I hear one of them mumbling it under their breath!

Tonight, I caught Josiah off in the corner launching into the Mama Mia poem. I glared at him and said, "JOOOO...what are you saying? Did you day Diarrhea??"

He looked at me with the straightest face and said "No, Mama. I said Diarreek."


"Yes! I did NOT say diarrhea...I said Diarreek!"

Matt and I stared at each other and both began to speculate that in fact, Diarreek was a WAY better word for those episodes that the original word describes. We began to throw around times when we, in fact, suffered from this Josiah invented illness called "Diarreek".

It is now the official word in our house for diarrhea. We like it's more accurately suited for the effects (Not only on yourself but on those around you when you have this particular sickness), and it makes us laugh.


Anonymous said...

The gift is in JoJo's blood...most family's have their rhymes and reason...Just think back around the camp fires of your past...Something like "Do Dol" will come to mind...or perhaps the name for some of your pets...Oh I know it was "those brothers God gave you."
Love Mom

Steph said...

I need some new hair pics please. I know it looks cute (called you tonight but you must've been in P.)
So now imagine me chanting..."PICTURES, PICTURES.."