Saturday, April 22, 2006

An Act of Antique Appreciation

Yes...I've started yet another job. If you know me well, then you know I'm always concocting some sort of vision of entrepreneurship and I'm seriously drawn to people that have drive towards owning their own business and becoming a success through excellent craftsmanship.

I, at present, manage several properties out of my home for a broker here in town and while that's easy enough and helps out with the rent....My real interest was sparked when a good friend of mine approached me to be her right hand gal for her online business. It is called "Em's Heart". My friend has an amazing assortment of antique linens that she is selling and everything from her napkins to sheets and pillowcases are beautifully stitched and a dream to own. I can remember the first time I walked into her room of linens. I honestly felt that I had been magically transported back to the Edwardian Era...They nearly had to drag me from the room.

On my first day of learning the business, she lovingly gave me a gift. Eight beautifully embroidered napkins with the initial "H" on them.

They are so awesome! She is urging me to use them but I'm tempted to wrap them up in some acid free paper and hold out for a daughter! (Yeah...Doesn't look to good so far! Maybe you know someone who wants to give me one?)

Regardless, if you have a love for the finer things and enjoy giving a gift of linens and such wrapped in delicate bows and crisp white paper-I compel you to visit her site. Every arrival makes you feel like a princess!

Thanks Em, for the job and the knowledge of all that you do.

Today in my hemisphere, it's all antique and lacy...just as it should be!


LoVe said...

hey, i'm glad you are blogging again, the world of bloggers have missed you.

catch ya later!
~peace out sista

Lindy said...

Hello hello!! I'm so glad that you found the Nardoni clan, well at least the ones that matter. ;) How are you? How is Amanda? I think of you guys a lot and would love an update sometime.
( - email me if you can)