Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I know, I know...Every parent thinks that they have the cutest, smartest, most creative child and I'm determined to not become one of those doting mothers that everyone scoffs at. I keep telling myself that my boys are "normal" and that the average mom next door had the same thoughts and feelings as I do. Since every child in the world can't be cute, smart or creative...Some of us HAVE to be wrong. I'm married to a teacher-I've met ridiculously hopeful moms!

I won't be accused of rose-colored parenting!

I won't!

(But, I still think I've got the cutest, smartest, most gifted boys around! I just keep it a secret!)


He's four and I have to say there are a number of things that I really admire about his personality, even at such a young age.

He has absolutely no fear of man. He's not about to put on airs for anyone. This has made cultivating the character quality of "friendliness" a little more challenging but for the most part his relaxed nature is a joy. I wish I was more like that...Not feeling like I had to make everyone be at ease with meaningless chatter.

Sometimes it's tempting to think that Josiah has nothing going on in that little head of his. It's easy to misinterpret quietness with emptiness.

I'm thrilled to find that my son has taught me to be careful about that judgment.

This morning Josiah crawled into my bed to discuss with me the disappointment he had that I would not allow him to pick out of the green snack bowl for breakfast. I will admit that the green bowl is a grand feast of various snack cakes and chips but I simply could not live with myself if my own laziness lent for Little Debbie mornings!

(I know this for certain as in the past, many a morning sickness morning has caused me to turn a blind eye...Oh, the guilt!)

After bringing Jo to some sense of happiness that he could have something with syrup on it (which still seems ALOT like a snack to me but you can't break breakfast tradition), he went on to discuss with me what thoughts he has had on his mind lately. Here are some of them...

"Sometimes girls make good fixers!"
(This is in relation to his Grammy that can always make his worn out kitty jammies like new.)

"A Superhero has to be a good kisser."
(Uh...I'm not sure where this came from. It concerns me, but I feel there is some truth in it so I'll overlook it!)

"Little girls turn into Big mommies."
(This could be a tiny bit hurtful, but Josiah is only a little over three feet tall so everything is Big to him. I must believe that is the cause of this statement and not take it personal!)

"Birds don't say bad words."
(Well, this is apparently on his mind because "birds" would be the polar opposite of "boys" who sometimes do say bad words...And then get into big trouble!)

Sweet baby! How long has he been thinking all that through?


Setrn said...

This is a very cute post! I think that Josiah watches and learns alot about people. We would probably be scared if we knew what he was thinking sometimes! Sandy

angela said...

i love hearing about your kids :) that picture is really great too- you are beautiful mrs harmless!

Chum said...

Hi Charity! This is Brandi Wells from Hoopeston and FBS. I can't believe I'm finding you all on here. Check my blog out if you want.