Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Men are from Mars...Thus they need pudding

The differences between men and women become increasingly obvious when you get married, although, the ways you decide to deal with those differences varies throughout time.

The first year, you just giggle about them. They are fun, interesting...Even endearing.

The next nine years, you argue with each other over them.

It's around the tenth year that you begin to overlook them and just appreciate that you can pay the bills and get a full night's sleep.

Yesterday, my husband and I had an extremely stressful day.


You could see the effects of it on each of us as we slumped onto the couch after putting the boys to bed and mindlessly flipped through the channels on our TV without saying anything.

Suddenly, I hopped up and walked to the computer, mumbling "I'm going to check on Expedia deals...I need to go home. I need to see my family."

Matt then looked at me and said, "Really? I was just thinking that I needed pudding."



mattharmless said...

I never did get that pudding.

Setrn said...

At my house it would be ice cream, and I would be checking deals on my first ever "me only" vacation to Florida or somewhere. Or maybe a couple of days in Chicago with a few friends.....

angela said...

lol! a memory just flashed through my head of adam johnson spooning pudding into a to go cup at pizza hut from the salad bar. haha i agree w/ you that after a very stressful day i definitely am not thinking of pudding!