Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Favorite Pictures from the Winter 2005-2006

(There were so many more pictures but blogger gave out on me...if you are not included, don't feel unloved! More are coming soon!)

(Oh...and others have requested not to be included so I will give those people honorable mention..."I have enjoyed all my times with Stephanie and Amanda!" Better, girls?)

Supper ClubI have enjoyed all my time with Stephanie a

The Great Holycross Candy Makin' Festival!

Willow-our hairless a hair dryer! Isn't it ironic?

Merry Christmas, babies!

The Hurricane Katrina Relief Fundraiser, um...Potty time!

Nic, Jules and Charity...October 2005

A little Sam support...just when I needed it!

Girl time! (With the small recommendation as shown on our faces that grown up girls need a little more sleep than three hours!)

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Setrn said...

Not the best shot of me it the world, however I don't think anyone will look much past your nose, what with the camera being about 2 inches from it! Sandy