Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bubble Tea

After some great debate and a little arguing over the choice...

I attempted to drink my first glass of Bubble Tea today.

My friend Diane picked me up in the afternoon to head downtown to the Arts Festival and we came across a local tea shop that was offering this infamous "Bubble Tea"-flavored teas and slushes that contain large tapioca balls in the bottom. The balls are slightly smaller than marble size and are black which I must guess is needed so you will know that one is about to slide up your straw and aid in not choking you!

The straw is rather large, but after some getting used to, I felt the size adjustment was needed as to avoid sudden clogs from those sneaky balls!

I sipped and then reluctantly released my tapioca balls at least three times before I built up the courage to suck one on in.

It was relatively tasteless and harmless but being a person that loves the culinary combinations of smooth and lumpy, I enjoyed the constant activity in my mouth.

Others, I'm sure...hate that duo.

It would disgust my brother Travis. As a kid, any texture difference that involved lumps made him gag and was totally repulsive to him. The reminder of that made me giggle while I was drinking my tea thus making the whole experience even MORE enjoyable!

I highly recommend that you at least give Bubble Tea a try and I vote for the lemon slush. It was very refreshing and with the accompaniment of the tapioca...quite filling!


Lindy said...

I, like Travis, have difficulty finding delight in tasteless balls of tapioca in my beverages. I tried bubble tea a couple of years ago and choked on the texture. It's quite unfortunate, really. At lease I gave it a whirl.

Matt S said...

See! I knew you'd like it! It's such an unexpected experience. It takes a little getting used to "chewing" your drink. But it's a great concept. Not as good mind you as another "tea idea" that I've heard. But nice.

Strawberry/Kiwi slushy is rather nice as well.

Mallie said...

Hi! It's great to hear that you guys loved our bubble tea! I am the owner of the O-CHA tea bar and that weekend was a lot of hard work but so much fun! I think we introduced the concept to so many new bubble tea addicts! I am curious...there was mention of "another tea idea" what does that mean?? Mallie:)