Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Day In The Life

I thought it would be fun to show you a day in the life of this blogger. Most of my family and friends haven't seen our new library and so I'll use this post to send pics and some highlights of Jo's birthday and Sam's 1/2 birthday.

I must start by saying that I spent the entire weekend cleaning and shopping for the upcoming week. We were preparing for two in-class birthday parties, one at-home birthday party, a k-5 Valentine Party and the 3rd grade Valentine Party for which I am the room mom so I have to plan and throw that gathering. Friday is "Living History Museum Day" for our school and I spent Saturday helping Sam do a project and designing a lay-out and buying fabric for a costume that I have to make by Friday. I cleaned for 8 hours on Sunday (thanks to sicko Sam grounding me) to get the house up to par. Made 3rd grade class party stuff and had kids do their valentines ahead of time.

SOOOO...Wednesday morning 6:00am. I'd gone to bed near 1am after an intense Prasso and decorating the kitchen for Jo's home party.

6am- shower and get dressed. Make lunch, get items together along with 5 doz. Krispy Kreme donuts for the class party. Gallon of Milk. Cards to be laminated for teachers on Valentine's Day.

7am-Make bed and head for the car. Kids in belts and hats!

7:45am-arrive at school and head to classrooms to explain party plans to teachers.

8:15am-get morning plan from Librarian and plan to train volunteers.

8:30-9-55- Label a bazillion books and laugh a lot with new volunteer Leah that made it a mission to amuse me for a few hours.

Me and Theresa circulating books

Here I am all slouched down, labeling books

Theresa, Beth and Me

9:55-run two buildings over to pour milk for both Sam and Jo's parties and pass out donuts.

What you can't really see here is Josiah completely red in the face as the kids sang to him! It was hilarious!

Jo passing out his birthday snack!

Jo and his best buddy Christian

Half of Sam's 3rd grade class. They loved celebrating his 1/2 birthday with him!

10:20-Head back to library feeling very much exhausted and needing a little "quiet time".

OK... Theresa and Beth were totally cracking up because I'm stunned that of all the potential pics that Shel Silverstein could have picked for his children's poetry book jacket THIS ONE is what he chose? He was a brilliant author but he's terrifying on this book. I've now put the back of this book on our shelves and Shel looks over us as we work. It's a classic Charity move...

12pm-3pm: Eat my ham sandwich on the way to the aftercare program that I head up and prepare to take on 9 five year olds in a small room for three hours. They are my little men and while the stink can be more than I can handle sometimes and if I have to tell another child one more time that it is NEVER acceptable to pick your nose and eat it..bleh!..I think I'll go crazy! They get a kick out of calling me "mom"- and that cracks me up!

3:30-head back to the library to get updated and check in with Matt on when we can leave.

4:30pm-We get to leave early and head off to Olive Garden to celebrate Jo's birthday and Valentine's day at the same time.

6:00pm- home to party!

Jo looking very puzzled as to why he would get stupid socks for his birthday??

7:00pm- Finally sitting down for a few minutes to blog before I have to get showers done, homework accomplished and plan for tomorrow's events.


These are the weeks I could cry when I think about all that has to be done. Sometimes I wish to have my old life back! :) Despite the busyness, motherhood is wonderful. I'm so grateful that if I have to be running around at work with my head spinning that I get to do it with my boys. So many mothers would love that.

Off to the next thing....


Anonymous said...

SOCKS - how could you!
:) Julie

Anonymous said...

You certainly looked terrified whilst "reading" Shel's book. However your scowl is remarkably similar to his...hmmm???


Steph said...

Now I want to hear about the Valentine parties!

Charity said...

He didn't ONLY get socks, Jules! He needed them...oh well! :)

More blogging, Steph? C'mon. It took me forever to sit down and do this one. The parties were fun but I was running around with 18 third graders like a crazy woman! I even forgot my camera. Darn it!

I'll post after the living history museum. I anticipate that will be really cool.

Hey Theresa!! My library partner in crime. My look was "puzzlement"-his is criminal! Thanks for being my photographer!

Sandy said...

hmm..I always thought that the olive garden spelled vomiting for some Harmless..was I mistaken in that thought??

Steph said...

Oh no she di'int - she di'int say the "v" word!!

Anonymous said...

Well, that day has passed and a new day has arrived and I need to know what is happening in the lives of my grandchildren...Write on dear! Love MOM