Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Valentine

Today I was asked to sub in Sam's room for a bit. Sam is in 3rd grade and he has been begging me to do that for a while but there just hasn't been the opportunity.

Today, his class was studying poetry that has strong imagery. We discussed what that was and focused on the use of the five senses in a poem. Then they were instructed to write their own poem using imagery about Valentine's Day.

Of course, they all moaned and groaned over the assignment and how it was IMPOSSIBLE to do and so I quickly jotted down a poem for them that I made up as an example.

Here it is:

My Valentine

On valentine's Day, I love to get out of bed
And come to school to see Miss Allison's red head (Sam's teacher has red hair)
And I love to get cards that are smooth to the touch
And eat sugary treats that I enjoy so much
This year my Valentine won't look like a man
But will be my wonderful, good-looking son, Sam!

OK. As soon as they read it, they started to "OOOh" and "AHHH". And after seeing Sam's face turn multiple shades of blush and watching him sink as low in his chair as possible-I knew I had made a classic mom error.


Alright..I kind of knew it WHILE I was writing it but I had to do it.

Motherhood. It can be so amusing.


Steph said...

Too cute! I can see him slinking down in his chair.
If you have read my post for today - I'm off to bed early...and PRAYING everyone sleeps tonight.

Anonymous said...

How nice that you could spend your day with Sam. You are a good poet. Grammy Reese