Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sickness..Home and Birthday Soup

I can remember living in my home town and really dreaming of what it would be like to move away. I mean, when you're stuck in the cold, extremely familiar, boring sights that you've known most of your life (and you're a wanderer at heart), it's easy to fantasize what a new state would be like.

And to some does lives up to your expectation.

Many cities (My beloved best friend, Steph) are warm most of the year. And close to historical places or the beach. There are mountains or even just hills as compared to miles of flat farmland. The people are new and interesting and in many ways you can re-invent yourself. Change old behaviors and never have to be known for this or that.

It's also nice to be the vacation spot for all your family and old friends. NOBODY comes 12 hours to my house to argue or shed bad news. They come for vacations or retreats. We eat, and drink and are very merry! :) My boys are always the celebrities as they are seldom seen. Time together is really "quality" versus "quantity".

But then...

Birthdays...Christmas...4th of July....etc.

Today is my 34th birthday. 34? When did that happen?

My son Sam is very ill and this morning, Matt crashed on the bed in fever and chills and announced that he may need a sub for the day.

Hmm...Who would be a convenient sub? :)

I called my dad on the way to school and announced that I just needed one parental person to wish me a Happy Birthday and while he did, he also informed me that this type of birthday should have long since been expected and accepted! I cracked up but it's true. It's just not balloons and cake anymore when you get big. That's what makes me so adamant to give that to everyone else. That and I LOVE cake.

I will not be too prideful to go to my favorite restaurant on the way home and get myself a slice.

I sat on the couch last night and bawled for a while and I didn't really know why? Maybe it's a hormonal girl thing or I was feeling a little shut-up in the house but in the end I knew what it was.

That darn homesickness...showing its ugly face. It dares me to be unthankful for all the wonderful things I have here in the south and to be daunted by the difficult events that led us here. It makes me focus on that old Cheer's ballad..."I just want to go where everybody knows my name..."

I want to pull up to my mom's log cabin, fireplace blazin' and walk in to find my brother Bill and his wife Lori laying on the couch and my mom cooking my favorite vegetable soup.

I want to smell that awesome Texas sheet cake that she's made and that I'm daring my skinny sister-in-laws to eat another piece of!

My dad, flipping through the channels and teasing my boys by shouting "Go play, girls!".

Brandi is yelling that it's "hotter than molasses in this place!!" and Trav has me in some awkward headlock singing "Happy Birthday, Butthead!".

Matt, who's doing whatever needs doing to make things better for me because that's what he does.

Jeannie has called from another basketball game that she's at and I'm purposely not calling Jules in Texas because I know how hard it is to hear everyone together!

And of course, Steph...who's made Gary "pay back" for a million nights of absence due to basketball games by babysitting her boys while she grabs a vanilla coke and comes to party with me.

On those nights the fact that it's your birthday is really the "afterthought" to using it as an opportunity to just be together as family and friends. hurts if I think about it too long.

BUT, it's also needful to think about it and remember old birthdays that were much like that. How blessed am I to have those memories? Many do not.

And today, well today is kind of crappy but it is what it is and I have much to be glad about. My librarian popped in with a cake that she's made which is so sweet and I got the most spectacular picture from JoJo this morning. I'm doing desert with friends tomorrow night. And BEST of all...My mom gave me a ticket to see my sister Jeannie at the end of March and I'm so excited about that.

Home is where your heart is and on my birthday "home" a bunch of different places.

I miss you guys so much!

P.S. Thanks also to Theresa...who brought me new earrings and a party hat as I was writing this. So cute! Jewelry making...I've got to check into that!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday, Charity! Are Mom's allowed to just call for a redo on days like this? :^)

Sandy said...

Sorry that you have had sickness of your b-day. The girls have been passing that around here..but we were blessed with good health for the birthday festivities. I thought of you this morning when one of the girls asked what day it was today. I hope that your day went well..and I am supporting the slice of cake idea (and maybe a drink from sonic!) Don't worry, you won't be alone at 34 for long..scary, I know I still feel about 17 on the you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sis....We paise God for the day He sent you into our lives...We love you!
Dad & Mom
Charity....Just wait until you're turning 61 and your children all want to do somthing special for you because their not sure you will make it to 62. Things will get better...Love Dad

Steph said...

First - LMBO at your dad's comment!
Second - we'll have to make up for it when we are together again.
Third- Happy Birthday my old best friend...(is now the time to throw in that I'm not even 33 and a half yet? tee hee)
Fourth- give that Sam some Ibuprophen (I'm worried about that poor little sick boy)
Five- LOVE YOU GIRL!! Hope your night out with friends for dessert tomorrow night is fun!

Charity said...

Crap...are you really going to be 62, dad??

We actually do need to plan a party for you. I had no idea that you were that far up in the years.

wow...I guess I feel a little better least for me! :)

Steph...It took me like 10 minutes to figure out what LMBO meant! It was like trying to read that "code" your parents wrote to you with your baby picture in our senior yearbook! I am SOOO not with it.

And...if you call me old again, I'm done with you!

Charity said...

Oh and may be younger than me but aside from the Disney/Cartoon apparel-you KNOW you are the oldest 33 year old around! :)

Miss Cold Case girl.

HA! (top that, sista'!)

Sandy said...

no char..that was "DPUINTNWWAO" if I remember it right..I don't think you are quite ready for the nursing home yet..even though John and Shawn are pushing it :) I know that the crazy accronyms are funny..but my mother has discovered text messaging..and that is scary!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I want a ticket to go see my sisters too! Are you planning anything special?
Sorry we don't live closer I would have baked you a cake! Love ya, Julie

Steph said...

Cold Case and Without A Trace RULE!!!!!

Manda said...

Hey Char...Happy Birthday!! I hope the sickness in your house is better & that you stopped and picked up 2 slices of cake (just for you!) And I'm with Steph, Cold Case & Without a Trace are must see TV! =)

Charity said...

Actually Julie...Mom had a travel voucher from that horrible flight back from your house! :)

She was totally not going to use it and it was days from expiring...I snatched it up! A flight home and to your house was still ALOT more than she had but I got a great deal in a ticket to St. Louis.

I told Jeannie that we should see if you would fly in on your own. I know you probably can't but that would be so much fun! She has a two story antique shop that she's taking me know what torture that will be for her! :)

Other than that..just sister time. I doubt she'll let me brush her hair and stuff! :)

Come on! COME!!!

Devin said...

Happy Birthday Charity! I am sorry you are homesick...

Looks like your friends here miss you as much as you miss them! :-)