Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jo

...not "JoJo"...at age 6 he's not into that nickname anymore. "Just call me Jo", he says.


What in the world? Where did those years go?

Celebrating Josiah's life is not hard. From that first day I took the milkshake to "get the contractions rolling" to yesterday when he told me "I love you, Mama" out of the blue-Josiah has been a pure joy to raise.

A friend at work the other day asked me if it was hard to treat him like a big boy when he still has such a baby face? (He gets that from his dad!) It is so much more noticeable when he's around the other boys in his class....I said "sure" but not because of that sweet face, because he's STILL my baby. I'd love to have another child but I wonder how I would identify with Jo. He's always been my littlest.

So, tomorrow is his birthday and I have to get to bed and sleep at least some to make it through the next couple of days but I wanted to post something about my little man.

Happy Birthday, JoJo...I mean, Jo! I love you so much.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday Jo! We love and miss you! Uncle Jeff, Julie, Donovan, and Corbin:-)

Ash said...

Happy Bday JoJo!!!
I miss you guys!!! Wish I could celebrate birthday's with you guys :( Love you!

Steph said...

6 sounds so big...I'm not ready for Elijah to be 6 - thankfully I have a few more months to prepare... It is such a mixed feeling, I love this age (and I know you do too) but the thought that their little toddler stage is over...sniff sniff