Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Schools Out For Summer!!!"

After one long, hard but fun year...We finished our 180th day of school yesterday...and in case you were wondering, traditional education or not-it's thrilling to get to the last day of school!

Sam and I did a little dance of our own yesterday when the final test was graded and the books were placed on the storage shelf! With a deep sigh of relief...We raced outside to sun ourselves in the 70 degree weather that had been luring us for a month now!

I never thought I'd homeschool...My husband is a teacher, for goodness sakes! But, as I sent Sam off to all day kindergarten last year and felt the reality of losing my child to another women for the bulk of his day along with the desire to preserve his little boy innocence for as long as possible, I knew that I wanted to give it a try.

It has not been an easy year. We have plugged on through eleven weeks of severe morning sickness, the loss of a baby, the stress of holidays, Mom working two part-time jobs in between and the planning of a major move-but together, Sam and I helped each other along to the finish line!

I have to say, at the end of it all, I love schooling Sam at home. I have learned my child inside and out and this time together has revealed even more about parts of my own character that need to change. We have both discovered the joy of dedication to a task and the thrill of an "A" on a difficult phonics test! We didn't do alot of play dates because I knew that Sam and his little brother, Jo needed to learn to be close and kind to each other first, and I am so glad we pressed for that. They have emerged this year as best friends and we can hardly separate them.

So, I say all that to say...Great job, buddy! You did it!

Welcome to second grade!


mattharmless said...

Awesome Job Sam!

Setrn said...

congratulations to both of you! We recently finished kindergarten around here and it felt like one of the most worthwhile goals I have ever completed! Have a great summer.