Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Alone, Late-night dilemma

Alright...I'm doing that insomnia thing again. Yesterday I took a sleeping aid at 2 in the afternoon and slept from them on with a brief eye-opening break around seven to blog only to collapse and sleep until 9 this morning. It's now midnight and I'm noticing that all the great "Halloween"/"Friday the 13th movies are playing and I sickly loves those.

There is nothin' better then curling up on a couch and lauging your way through it.

But, I am alone tonight (which my sister will kill me for admitting because there is that serial killer in California who'd love to hop on a plane tonight and see me! HA...I'm not that interesting, Jean) and I am the mother of two small boys that need to have a good example.

It could also backfire on me and scare me enough into a night of no sleep.

But, it's fall and it's chilly out and scary movies are so fun! I'm gonna eat cereal because I skipped dinner and I think I'll have to do the frosted flakes which makes me sad. I so wish I had some Cinnamon Life right now-that would be perfection.

I don't know. I hate growing up. This would be a no-brainer 15 years ago...and I certainly wouldn't be alone! I'd be forcing some boy and Steph to watch it with me. That totally reminds me of a good story, Steph, about haunted houses! HA! I'll blog that soon.

Wish me luck...I'm goin' in! I'm a southern girl! I can handle it!

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Setrn said...

Are you awake too! wow