Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Tonight I had a visitor at dinner....

Mr. Harry Potter (spoken in my best British accent!)

Sam has gotten totally crazy about the Harry Potter books this past year and so it didn't surprise me a bit that that is who he wanted to be for Halloween. The black hair was a trip to look at for a while but he had a great time casting spells on us throughout the evening with his magical wand that was waiting for him in the forest that is our backyard.

How does this all work with our Christian faith?

I have absolutely no idea. *exhausted sigh*

Josiah loves his little Lego skeleton guys and has spent most of this year carrying them around in his hand or pants pocket. So, when we found a skeleton outfit at Wal-mart, we knew we had to get it. I have to say, while a skeleton is very much "from the dark side", he was so adorable in it! You'd think a skeleton would be sparse on the compliments but JoJo got a TON tonight from the neighbors!


Anonymous said...

Man, I miss you guys.

Troy & Sherry said...

great costumes :)
Wish you could have trick or treated at our house.
When are you coming to visit.
love ya and miss you!

Steph said...

Okay I love the kiddies and I'm coming around to certain parts of "happy Harvest" time and of course your kids are cuties...but, um ...er...AUGH! Spells and Skeletons!?!? You knew I couldn't hold it in! I love the pumpkin pictures!