Monday, October 23, 2006

"Did Aunt Stephanie get a job with the Weather Channel?"

This was the question that my son, Sam, asked when he came up behind me and found the results of my long search for the meteorologist that I am convinced is Steph's famous twin. I laughed for at least a minute and those of you that know me, you know it takes alot to get me to laugh that long.

She's a dead ringer...

Her name is Jeanetta Jones and you can read about her here.

It just keeps shocking me every time I look at it. The ironic thing is that she used to work in Spartanburg, South Carolina, just 20 minutes from where I live. It's crazy.

Here you go, Steph. Meet your twin.

I have to add here that I still think you look very much like Melissa Peterman, known as "Barbara Jean" from the show Reba. Something about the set of her jaw and eyes...if this chic had brown hair and occasionally wore glasses, it would be you!

(By the way..I'm not forgetting you, Manda. You're stumping me a little but I know you're out there!)

Why does it seem like blogger has just become a more overt way for the four of us to talk to each other?? Do you think we are amusing anyone else?


Setrn said...

I pulled up the top picture and asked Paige who she looked like and she said "Aunt Steph." There you have it out of the mouth of babes! Very funny.

Setrn said...

I think it is a great way to talk! I am glad we can keep in touch with the day to day in each other's lives. Even Steph's pet pictures! Ok, where is Amanda's blog. She could take pictures at the YMCA and on her shopping trips. Sorry Manda, just kidding. Mostly pictures of the very cute Olivia!