Saturday, January 06, 2007

For San

My friend Sandy has been enduring an extremely difficult trial these past few months and sadly, this day brings even harder events to face.

I feel like someone has tied my hands up and made me mute because no matter how much the desire...I cannot seem to get to her or form the right words to bring comfort.

One thing I can deeply relate to...I did not want the call I got today and it was added to a deep pool of hurts already within my heart this week so that I feel I could drown in if I let myself. I am having to refocus my mind minute by minute as I know my dear friend is doing...times a million minutes.

"Why is my face downcast?...Why is my soul bewildered?...Hope in the Lord."

There is still hope, San. When God is in the midst...There is always hope.

Let us together remember to praise God that He has already taken care of our greatest need..Our sin.

I love you, friend.

"So we do not lose heart...for this momentary affliction is preparing us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison." 11Corinthians 4:16-17

Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer

Jesus, draw me ever nearer
As I labor through the storm
You have called me to this passage
And I'll follow though I'm worn

May this journey bring a blessing
May I rise on wings of faith
At the end of my heart's testing
With Your likeness let me wake

Jesus, guide me through this tempest
Keep my spirit staid and sure
When the midnight meets the morning
Let me love You even more

Let the treasures of this trial
Form within me as I go
And at the end of this long passage
Let me leave them at Your throne


Setrn said...

thanks, I love you so much. I needed that at 2:30 in the morning. I have had a hard time today finding much rest in anything other than xanax. Don't be surprised if you find me on your doorstep this week.

Steph said...

The verse came to my mind when I was thinking of you today - No good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly!