Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm Back...With a "flash-back"!

Okay...I was totally done. No more blogging. I'm too busy. I can't keep up....and this whole blogging thing requires way too many emotions! When "whether you should blog or not" gets discussed in your counselling session-You've gone too far! Time to take a step back.

But...My best friends Steph and San called and worked on me today and I decided to give my blog a few more tries. It's interesting to think that I asked them to blog for forever and only received mockings and now they are pestering me! You are SOOO a year behind in everything, Steph!

We did get a kick tonight about what I could "roll call" in my particular blog but I'll save that for another time! (Shhh...Steph!) Besides...what's this blog roll all about? I missed the memo on this new movement! I guess I just assume nobody reads my blog and I've become content with that. Oh well!

So, Steph asked me to take the next month and blog old memories. I did that in my Daisy blog and my family and friends seemed to like it. I don't know...maybe it's just a nice escape mechanism but it's seems to work for me and my little group.

I ventured into my picture tubs tonight to find something to write about and I came across some hilarious memorabilia that I'm going to post for Steph. Many will not find this interesting in the least but it will make her smile-so that's good for me. I've discovered that I need a scanner to blog creatively now so I will be finding a friend to scan my old pics tomorrow.

For now, this is what I could do with my own camera...

These are all the valentines that I received our Senior year. Steph reminded me that I had previously agreed with several other girls in my class to come on Valentine's Day that year dressed all in black but in usual Charity style...I waltzed in on Valentine's Day draped head to toe in red and pink carting around all my valentines! (I really was a BAD girlfriend!)

That was a truly successful heart holiday for me!

This is the tag that I stole off of Jason H.'s lockers when I was convinced that we were "meant for each other". I put it into my own locker where I knew it was safe because no one wanted to go in there...due to the rotten pb&j that I kept stored!

Then...and I can't believe it...I found our script for "One Way"-the play we all did our Senior year! I read through some of the pages when I found it...

I remember thinking it was awesome and that we all may need to tour the Midwest, putting it on.

It's really not too good.

Oh well.

This I will say little about...But, "I" don't have a tattoo!


This is for my best friend. Apparently, I've cheated her out of some necessary and hopeful moments in friendship and I owe her a little. I can't make you my Matron of Honor, Steph, but I will say that this note reminded me that you've always been there in some form or another. I believe I wrote this my first year of marriage and it isn't surprising that it is signed off "with love" from the both of us!

Thank you for saying the hard things to me. I know I will be even more thankful in years to come.


Steph said...

What can I say - I'm touched...un moment while I wipe away the emotional tears...
K s'all good!
Glad your back!

Setrn said...

Where are you hiding all this old stuff in that super clean house?? If you have the old valentines, then you MUST have all kinds of junk! You are more like Amanda than I thought;) It was great to read your posting, what fun.