Monday, January 01, 2007

Runner-Up Pics from 2006

These are the pictures from last year that I love but didn't make the cut for any former posts. So with honorable mention...I present these for your enjoyment!

(I hate that this picture isn't better. It's a picture of Di at Supper Club demonstrating to all of us how she used to peg her pants legs in the 80's. There's noone I'd love to hear tell a story more than Diane.)

(Matt is going to kill me for this one! This is how he looks after a hard week of teaching!....Whoa...)

(Josiah and I eating the blue icing on his cake!)

(Me and Anne on my birthday)

(Me and Bob Inglis our Representative in Washington DC. There is a very embarrassing moment that goes along with this pic that I'll share at another time.)

(Sunset Beach)

(I know I posted this one already but it really is a favorite for the year! Me and San getting tattoos at the beach.)

(Future poster couple for skin cancer! All crispy from the beach.)

(Me and my realtor after we closed on our house. I finally had the keys!)

(Matt's way of letting me know that I own too many dishes. This is me behind a pile of packing paper that regrettably only got bigger with more time!)

Me and Anne's husband Seth. He's become a great friend these past three years.)

(Friendship means lending support even for a video game!)

(Sweet Baby JoJo)

(Sam and Aunt Anne. Anne loves Harry Potter also so she and Sam have an unspoken bond of love! They have a date for the upcoming new movie. This is Sam, one of the only children at Anne's birthday party.)


Setrn said...

I am so thrilled to be included! Not so much in that embarrassing picture, but I believe I was behind the camera on a few of those!

Charity said...

That's so funny...You did take like three or four of those pictures!

Not the pic that I wanted to show with Seth but I thought that one would do! :)