Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Year of Firsts

Today was Sam's first piano lesson.

It was so cute...brought back a lot of memories for me. My friend Kim is a piano teacher and volunteered to give Sam lessons this year. Of course, we jumped at the offer.

He was so much like me-all stressed about messing up and having to be told to "relax" every other minute. He marched right up to the piano and played his new song that he just made up for his teacher!

My prodigy!

I hope he sticks with it but it's a secret dream of mine that one of these boys will be a singer. I love a boy to sing to me! (I think I have a clue who that will be since I haven't eaten with Josiah in peace since he started taking table food. He hums the whole time he chews!) Although, the curriculum she chose encourages and prepares the student to be able to sing while they play. I think that is pretty cool!

I imagine spring soccer will throw piano in the dust but a mom can hope, right?

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Anonymous said...

oh that's so cool! i hope he sticks with it. of course, i'm partial to soccer too. :)