Thursday, July 26, 2007

Parenting Palooza

I have recently entered a very fun stage of parenting. Sam's about to turn 9 (freaking me out that he will be double digits next year!) and Jo is 5 and they are full of a combination of both mine and my husband's personalities. As the "baby phase" goes away (which is very sad) the adolescent, pre-teen phase if right at our door and unless we take a nose-dive, it's my favorite so far.

Like today....

Sam came running into the room anticipating going outside and getting a hair cut followed by the sprinkler.

He dashed to my side and yelled in his best European accent, "I'm ready to go into my yard. All I have is a knife (some plastic broken piece off of a toy) a water bottle and a piece of flint! I may even have to drink my own pee!"

Let me explain...

He has this obsession with the television show on the Discovery channel called "Man Vs. Wild". He records it on the dvr and then runs to find the location on his globe. It's hilarious. I don't get it! The more disgusting that guy gets by eating maggots or drinking his own bodily fluids-the cooler he seems to the boys in my house!

Males are such a mystery?

Another pre-teen obstacle...The whole "Birds and Bees" conversation.

Sam has shown absolutely no interest or curiosity on the matter. For this...I'm very thankful. In my opinion, there's been no rush and I don't want to talk much regarding it until he can be trusted not to talk with his friends about what he learns.

Today he caught me tabulating the calories in my lunch and he commented on how girls always care how much they eat. My husband said that was because it is important to girls to look pretty and skinny. Sam couldn't understand why? Who sees you naked anyway?

So, I began to reveal to him that when you get married you do sometimes (while often avoided after you hit mid 30's and have a few babies!) see each other naked.

He look alarmed....

"But", I continued, "YOU will NEVER be naked with any girl until you're married!"

He seemed very agreeable to that. How long will that last?

I then went on to tell him that he is to never talk to his friends about our conversation on nakedness because it isn't appropriate.

Matt yells, "YEAH and if anyone tries to tell you that "I see London, I see France" poem"...Stop them! "That one really messed me up for a while!"

I cracked up and heard him mumble as he left the room..."I always wanted to go to France..."


SO, I suppose this is just the beginning of years of trying to parent children that are processing.


I'll leave you with another funny kid realization...

Want to know the best thing about visiting the grandma that lives in the woods?

You don't have to bother wearing pants to play outside!


Mr. Harmless said...

No... It wasn't the "I see london, I see france..." one. In that one you only see underpants. It was the, "There's a place in france, where the ..." you know...

Charity said...

I apologize for getting that wrong!

That one IS much worse! :)

Steph said...

Too funny. You bunch of weirdos! Hey, I've called two days in a row and no you...'sup with that?
My mother in law comes in tomorrow and stays until Sunday and then I should be around again.

Charity said...

Been no where during the day...

Gone at night for one thing or another.